Quote1I do your bidding, my general.Quote2
Xeexi to General Modula in The Phantom Ninja @ 04:47

Xeexi is probably one of the first intelligent Mutraddi creatures that General Modula sends to Earth in the episode The Phantom Ninja.


In the episode The Phantom Ninja, Xeexi was sent to Earth to find Ilana and kill her. Being sent through the rift gate in his ship that has a stealth making it appear invisible. Xeexi searches relentlessly for Lance and Ilana once reaching Earth. Using a armor detector, Xeexi is able to tell whether their armor is activated to track them down. He trails Lance and kidnaps him, taking him to his ship, where he tortures him into revealing Ilana's location. Afterward, he crawls into Lance's body through his mouth and takes control of him, later using him to attack Ilana. However, his plan fails when Lance manages to break free of his control. He engages his large ship and turns it into an insect-like robot. He battles the Sym-Bionic Titan and is killed but not before sending a probe back to Gallaluna informing General Modula of the Titan.


Xeexi takes the appearance of an octopus-like bug creature. He has a pointed head with yellow slitted eyes and razor sharp teeth. His body is small and holds 6 legs. He has 6 large tentacle-like legs which make him appear very tall. He has a long tail about the size of his tentacles that has a very large point at the end.


Xeexi is a sly character that does the bidding of others by using his unique skill set. He does not seem to show any emotions while torturing others.


General ModulaEdit

General Modula is the employer of Xeexi and the one that request he find and kill Ilana.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Xeexi has the ability to take control of people's bodies (however, not their minds) by crawling into their bodies through their mouths and manipulating them from the inside. Due to the difficulty of controlling a subject, he mostly uses this power to get information out of his victims. The strength of will of his victim can make it harder for him to manipulate them. (He barely got any information out of The King) He will occasionally uses their bodies as puppets when dealing with smaller enemies (such as Lance).


  • When asked about the character design for Xeexi Genndy Tartakovsky stated Xeexi's design was inspired by aquatic creatures such as crustaceans and squids.
Quote1I thought he was more creepy than scary, but I think he was really successful creating a very tense and suspenseful scene,Quote2
Genndy Tartakovsky to Scott Thill ( on 10/22/10[1]
  • Though Xeexi is a male, in Sym-Bionic Titan his character is voiced by a female voice actor named Vanessa Marshall, she has done work on shows like The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy (voicing Irwin) and work on games like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (voicing Olga Gurlukovich) [2]
  • Xeexi is probably one of the first intelligent Mutraddi creatures that General Modula sends to Earth.


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