Under the Three Moons is the seventeenth episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on March 16, 2011.

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Ilana is homesick, so she joins the Homecoming Dance Committee and creates a Galalunian-themed dance. Meanwhile, General Modula's continued failure to destroy the princess is spreading across the galaxy. Modula is approached by an alien who guarantees on his own life that he has a creature that will destroy Ilana and crush the Galalunian People's spirit. As our three heroes try to prepare for the dance, Lance and Kristin go a little further in their romantic relationship with a karate bout, but she declines his request to join him at the dance. Issues arise when the creature arrives just as they are about to depart for the dance. Titan at first fails poorly, as Octus and Ilana are distracted by missing the dance and making Kimmy feeling guilty and upset. However, Lance's lack of concern for their feelings pushes Ilana and Octus over the top, and the creature is soundly defeated as a result of their frustration. Later, Kimmy, fed up with Octus' "bathroom" disappearances, breaks up with him, while Ilana and Lance share a dance under the spotlight, their dates having run off together. Modula, after destroying the alien, continues plotting a way to destroy Ilana once and for all.


Winter has come to Sherman, Illinois. Ilana, as she gazes out across the snow scape, watching children and families happily playing, is reminded of Galaluna's Harvest Festival, until Lance interrupts her daydreaming.

Meanwhile, on Galaluna, General Modula muses about what he can do to crush the spirit of the people, as music and laughter drift across the planet. An Alien Mobster approaches him, offering on his own life the beast he has that will crush the princess, as rumors of Modula's continued failure has been spreading.

Todd and Maribel

At school, Ilana, feeling homesick, notices a poster for the Homecoming dance, and she is delighted. Quickly discovering the meeting room, she lays her idea in beautiful detail of a Harvest Festival theme upon the other two members of the planning staff, Todd and Maribel. Having no idea of their own for the dance, and moved by her beautiful description, they accept her idea almost immediately.

Outside, Newton and Kimmy are talking about the dance, when Brandon and his friends attack them with snowballs. Newton quickly drives them off. Kimmy asks him to take her to the dance, which he agrees to do, but only if Lance and Ilana come. Kimmy grudgingly agrees, but only if they have dates.

General Modula smiling at the Alien Beast in Under the Three Moons

General Modula smiling at the Alien Beast in Under the Three Moons

Modula tests the beast in "the Pit" where it wipes out its opponents with its incredible speed. Impressed, he orders it sent to Earth.

Lance goes looking for Ilana, and finds out from her and Newton that he's been shanghaied into going to the dance. Lance warns Ilana not to get too excited, as she'll just be disappointed in the end. Ilana defensively denies that she is too excited.

The three, along with Kimmy, go shopping for outfits. Lance uncomfortably gets fitted for a tux, as Newton squeezes into his, before finally resorting to altering his form to be much slimmer and more attractive, much to Kimmy's delight. As Kimmy drags Ilana off to get a dress, Lance sends a glance to Kristen, as he contemplates his date scenario.

Later, at school, Lance notices Kristen practicing martial arts in the gym. Impressed, he goes over to her, and the two engage in a quick duel, which Lance soundly wins with his military training. He asks her to the dance, but she declines, saying it's not really her thing.

Kimmy in Under the Three Moons 02

The night finally arrives, and Lance, finally resigning to the tux, Ilana, who feels uncomfortable in the skimpy dresses Kimmy provided, and Newton, who is practicing "smooth" poses, get together with their dates: Jason, who is taking Ilana, Kimmy, and Maribel, one of the Homecoming planners, a short pudgy girl, who Lance asked to get Ilana off his back.

Under The Three Moons group photo Animation

After photos and the arrival of a limo, everything seems to be going well...and then Newton tenses, to Kimmy's dismay, as she knows at least some of what this means: the rift gate has opened, AKA Newton has to "use the bathroom"

Kimmy is heartbroken as Newton sadly leaves, promising to come back, and calls her friends to tearfully tell them what happened. Jason and Maribel awkwardly ride with her to the school.

As the Titan flies toward the landing site of the creature, Octus and Ilana reflect on their lost evening, while Lance, who never wanted to go anyway, is focused on the mission.

Kimmy arrives at the dance, and runs to her friends, sobbing. Jason and Maribel sit alone at a table, waiting for their "dates"

Octus regrets that he made Kimmy cry, while Ilana is disappointed that she won't get her Harvest Festival. Lance, meanwhile shouts at them to focus, as they engage the monster, who's superior speed is knocking them left and right.

At the dance, Kimmy and Brandon are made Homecoming king and queen, and are crowned as Kimmy looks forlornly at the door, waiting for Newton. As she dances with Brandon, who says he's never treat her like Newton apparently is, Jason and Maribel decide to dance with each other.

Finally, As Lance shouts that the three are going to die because Octus and Ilana are too worried about a "stupid Dance" Ilana finally snaps, thrashing the beast as she shouts that it's more than a dance, it's home. They quickly dispatch the creature. As they revert to human, Newton gazes off, saying that he has to go.

At Kimmy's house, newton throws pebbles at her bedroom window to get her attention, and she finally answers after he breaks it. After an awkward stereo "music" attempt by Newton, Kimmy calmly tells Newton that she's breaking up with him: she feels that he's keeping a secret from her. Newton seems about to tell her what he is, but she just tells him to go away.

At the school gymnasium, Ilana wanders in as the Janitors clean up the decorations for the dance. Lance follows her, surprised: he didn't even know what the theme was the Galaluna harvest festival. As Ilana stands forlorn in the middle of the room, Lance turns the music and the lights for the dance on, and puts on a hat similar to the one the King wore at a previous harvest festival, but colored purple. The two dance around, laughing and smiling at each other. On Galaluna, Modula, after killing the mobster because his creature failed, ponders what he will do next...



  • When Newton goes to apologize to Kimmy about the dance he stands outside her window throwing rocks and holding a boom box, this is a reference to the cult classic 1989 movie "Say Anything..." starting John Cusack.
  • Kimmy mentions that she has won Home coming two years in a row and will most likely win this year as well. We can assume since she has not mention graduation yet that she is a Junior (11th grade) and is 16 years old going on 17; that of course assumes she was not held back.
  • This is one of the few episodes that has an extra credit slide dedicated to "voice talent"; the other being A New Beginning.
  • Error: When Lance turns the music and dance lights on, the janitors disappear.


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