"The Steel Foe" is the nineteenth episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on April 2, 2011.

Overview Edit

Lance and Ilana have been on the run for three whole weeks trying to reboot Octus. Meanwhile a giant Mutraddi beast has been ravaging Sherman in Titan's absence. General Steel reveals a giant robot named The "Homeland Mobile Emergency Robot" HMER (nicknamed the Hammer); constructed from the metal scraps of the gigantic rocket that Tashy was sent to Earth in; which he uses to defeat the creature. Lance believes that if they can sneak into the army base with the recharge unit for The Hammer, they will have enough energy and power to reboot Octus, but they are discovered and find themselves fighting the army and the Hammer. Without the intense energy and abilities of Titan, they are both easily overwhelmed. G3 intervenes to rescue Lance and Ilana and they join forces to prepare to battle against General Steel and the Hammer.


Trying to find out how to revive Octus and trying to escape a rampaging horned Mutraddi, as well as General Steel, both Ilana and Lance are on the run with Octus' core. Getting back flashes of the rampaging Mutraddi, it shows how the two are nothing without Octus and cannot defeat a creature of its size. Ilana and her Corus armor are easily defeated. She is sent crashing through a building and her armor shutting off afterward. Moments away from her death, Lance in his Manus armor flies in and rescues her. They both fly away from the city, Lance telling Ilana that they have no chance. Coming out of the flashback, we see that they have traveled many miles away from Sherman, taking coach buses and trains to be out of reach from the Mutraddi and any other enemies who could follow them.

Lance and Ilana make pitstops at many hotels and continue to travel cross-country. They both walk through rain and even try to hitch rides.


On the run...

At present, residing at a seedy hotel, Ilana walks out of a nearby grocery store, checking behind her constantly to make sure they aren't followed. Entering their room, Lance and Ilana talk on how difficult it is to bring back Octus and Ilana says that they should've stayed with G3, but Lance replies that every time they stay with G3, trouble comes along. Along the way, the two even get closer and put smiles upon each other's faces although times are tough, as Lance grows continually frustrated at his failed attempts to reactivate Octus.

Staying up all hours of the night, Lance wakes up Ilana showing her that tapping into the hotel's electrical relay just might have enough power to charge Octus's core and bring him back. Quickly joy-killed, all the power in the area shuts off after the attempt and the two run once again and stop at a motor inn.

Watching the news, it shows that the monster is still attacking and that military force cannot stop it. Ilana and Lance both grieve about the trouble being their fault from not being there to stop it. Suddenly, a giant robot is announced to have reached the scene. The two are shocked and watch to only reveal a giant robot made by General Steel and the military called the H.M.E.R. (pronounced Hammer). It easily defeats the large creature with a special attack.

Who is it...

Lance watches the fight and notices a massive energy core. He assumes that with the robot's energy core, it could be large enough to jumpstart Octus.

They go to an internet cafe to find out the location of Steel's military base. Lance is dismayed at how easily the military gives away the location of its bases. Staying in there all hours of the day, they finally find out where they need to go. The plan is to break in and steal the power source for Octus to be revived. Back to G3, Solomon is appalled to see that General Steel has created a robot. A G3 soldier shows Solomon the information they came across of Lance and Ilana looking up Steel's location. In quick action, Solomon gets his ships and men ready in case anything goes out of hand.

Reaching the military base, Lance and Ilana sneak in and disguise themselves to impersonate guards. But they were caught on camera. General Steel gets a call hearing about their break in. He gets his army ready for battle. Lance and Ilana sneak in through coded doors by swiping a soldier's card and make it inside. Lance touches the H.M.E.R. and can tell by the material that it is Mutraddi. Leaving that subject for later, the two are terribly close to plugging Octus in, but sadly they are ambushed. As the troops distract them with regular firearms, they both activate their armor and protect themselves. What they don't know is that Steel is on the side getting the H.M.E.R. prepped. They both flee from the base, but are chased. Since the firepower and weaponry is now at a greater scale, this makes it harder for them to protect themselves. They are both thrown off balance and crash into the ground. Being shot at, Ilana's Corus forms an electrostatic shield once more to protect themselves, but it's harder for her to do.


Ilana struggling to protect her and Lance.

Not knowing that the soldiers inside are equipping large missiles, Ilana is unaware of their next attack. To her surprise, the H.M.E.R. uses its special attack unto the shield, causing to overwhelm the shield. The Corus armor is shut off and Lance deactivates his Manus to run to her rescue. He holds her in his arms only waiting for the H.M.E.R.'s final blow, but thankfully they are saved by G3. They attack the H.M.E.R. and once Ilana and Lance come on board, they jet away from the battle field. Thanked continuously, Solomon asks what they were doing in the military base. Lance explains the situation to him, and is told by Solomon that they will speak about this another time and they are safe with G3.

At the end of the episode, it shows Steel stand on top of H.M.E.R. saying that he'll catch Sym-Bionic Titan and G3. He orders his men readied, his jets fueled up, and the H.M.E.R re-armed. He's going to war.



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