The King is Ilana's father and the former ruler of Galaluna. He sent his daughter to Earth through a rift gate along with Lance and Octus to keep her safe from the Mutraddi invaders. He is currently being kept as General Modula's prisoner and is being tortured relentlessly.


As shown in the episode Escape from Galaluna, when Lance reported that the Mutraddi were preparing an invasion, the King refused to believe it, believing instead that Lance was trying to cover up his irresponsible actions and disobedience. Fed up with Lance's constant court-martials and arrests, he finally told Lance enough was enough, leaving him in his prison cell. Once the invasion actually occurred, the king was distraught, and realized he was wrong for not listening to Lance when he had the chance. He fought relentlessly along with his Galalunian soldiers in defense of the Palace, utilizing heavy laser cannons and rifles.

His daughter Ilana, having been off with her bodyguard Hobbs doing a ribbon cutting ceremony, makes her way back to the palace during the invasion in a hijacked Mutraddi tank. Shocked at seeing his daughter come back in the middle of the battle, he calls some of his soldiers back and they retreat to the believed safety of the inner palace. But inside of the palace, they are ambushed by more Mutraddi. Out of the blue, after escaping prison and defeating one of the betrayers, Lance jumps into action shooting and defeating the numerous Mutraddi. After being informed by Lance that it isn't only just an invasion, but a Coup, the King leads Lance and Ilana to an Escape rocket.

Once they reach the room, Octus appears, being only a floating robotic sphere. With Lance and Ilana waiting for him to come along, he explains to the two that he cannot. Both are shocked to hear this: the king explains to them that since Ilana is the immediate heir to the throne, she must be taken away and protected, because without her, there is no future for Galaluna, while he, as king, must stay and protect his home world. Anguished at the thought of leaving him to his possible fate, Ilana weeps over her father's stay and proceeds into the pod. The king then orders Lance to protect Ilana, no matter the cost. He then states that he knew Lance could always be the person who he knew he could be, and that his father would be extremely proud of him. He gives Lance a Manus activation watch and sets the two off into space. He sends them through the rift gate, which continues from the first episode of Sym-Bionic Titan; Escape To Sherman High.

He is later captured and imprisoned, but how this occurs is not shown. And it's unknown if he is dead or alive.


The King was shown as a kind man but also a courageous leader. It is clear he will do anything to protect his daughter Ilana, so much so that he sent her to another planet to hide her. The King also shows his kind nature in his kingdom as it is shown as a prospering nation/planet.

The King displays courage in Escape from Galaluna when he leads a group of palace guards against the invading Mutraddi army. Instead of hiding behind his throne and allowing his generals to lead he is on the front line with a weapon fighting for his planet, a sign of a true leader instead of a boss/tyrant.

However, his major flaw is that he is short sighted when it comes to someone's character and not giving anyone a chance when it comes to seeing two sides of the story. With Lance he had him clean up the destroyed Academy for the whole Summer when Baron was the one responsible for the school's destruction as he tried to kill Lance and Lance had no choice but to fight back, while he didn't discipline Baron possibly due to being a Noble and trying to save face for Baron's family's reputation.

Years later, when he didn't listen to Lance once again, this time warning the king about the invaders and locked him away as he thought it was excuse for his poor behavior, he suffered the consequences as the invaders came and he realized to late that Lance was right, and when Lance took charge after his escape from jail, the king realized he was wrong about Lance all along and started to feel guilty for misjudging him and possibly started to realize he should have taken Lance's side from the very beginning when he was in the academy when he punished him for Baron's crimes.



Ilana is the King's daughter. They both love each other greatly and he prays for her safety.

Wife Edit

It is unknown who his wife is/was, but Ilana's existence proves he had a wife at some point who possibly died when Ilana was a child.

General ModulaEdit

General Modula is one of the greatest military leaders of Galaluna and an old friend that was once thought dead. When Modula reveals himself to be alive and responsible for the invasion of Galalunia, The King refused to believe that the man he knew since childhood is a traitor. But overtime in being in Modula's captivity, it's likely that The King now deems his former friend as an enemy.


Edward is one of the greatest minds of Galaluna and an old friend who has been missing since he jumped into the Rift Gate. In the episode "Shadows of Youth", The King revealed that he made a promise to Edward that he'll take care of his son if anything happens to him.

The king knew a great deal of Edward's personality traits, such as which his friend would remain silent when the man couldn't do things his way. But despite their disagreements, The King always believed that Edward had the best intentions.


Being the son of Edward, The king made a promise his friend that he'll look after the boy if anything happens to him. However, the King started to cause Lance inner turmoil unknowingly by his short sighted nature on things,like In "Shadows of Youth", The King bailed Lance out of prison on the account to spend the summer rebuilding the damaged academy, instead of punishing Lance's arch rival Baron for attempted murder and destroying the school as he was the one responsible for the academy's destruction when he tried killing Lance, leaving Lance no choice but to fight back.

With the King starting to blame Lance for things beyond his control back then, his innocence and willing to do strive for better died and replaced Lance's nature with a cold, isolated one with Lance constantly calling out the wrong doings in court and often got arrested for it. On the day of the invasion, Lance tried to warn the King but he thought it was an excuse Lance came up with to hide his irresponsibility and had him locked up. When the invader's came, he was distraught realizing that Lance was right, and realized that because of him not listening to Lance from the beginning caused the destruction of Galaluna when he locked him away, and he began to feel guilty for not listening or taking Lance's side when he was a child with the Baron incident and realized he was responsible for Lance turning cold and rebellious in the first place for his poor lack of judgement.

To save his daughter and to repent to for failing Lance during his childhood and up to the invasion, he had him put in charge of protecting his daughter, and stated that Lance really is the man he and father hoped he would be, stating he is proud and his father would be proud.

It is possible that while being tortured, he still regrets how he was unfair to Lance and hopes he is keeping Ilana safe.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The King showing competence in leading his people and great knowledge of space travel regarding the Rift Gate.

When Lance noted of how he was able to defeat the nightmare version of The King so easily, suggested that The King possesses an array of combat prowess.


  • Besides the fact that The King lives in luxury he is very physically fit.
  • Due to the series cancellation, The King's real name remains unknown.


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