"The Fortress of Deception" is the eleventh episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on December 3, 2010.

Overview Edit

When Lance and Ilana are captured by G3, Octus has to discover the location of their base. Meanwhile Ilana and Lance are locked up in a Galalunian-style cell at the G3 base. When Lance is taken in to be interrogated, Ilana meets a seeming fellow prisoner; Lance takes a beating from his interrogator, but breaks out to get Ilana. They all hasten to escape and, after being reunited with their communicators and Octus, they form Titan and break free.


Lance, Ilana and Octus are just leaving school, as Solomon watches them. Suddenly, when they get home, a huge van appears and Solomon, along with several G3 troops, come out. Solomon battles with Octus, until he short-circuits his hologram. Solomon shoves Ilana and Lance into the van and begins to speed off.

Octus gives a long chase, until the van flies into the air, causing Octus to bash into a store. The van goes into G3's spaceship in the sky, as Octus investigates. Lance and Ilana wake up in electric-forcefield cages, their watches gone, as a prisoner who bears a heavy resemblance to Solomon is pummeled into another electrified cage.

Then Lance is taken away for questioning, where a bulky man in armor is standing. He puts Lance in a chair and begins questioning him, and every time he doesn't answer, he is hit brutally. When Lance does not speak at all, the man then decides he should beat up Ilana, and when that happens, Lance beats up the guards and soon escapes and frees Ilana, and the other prisoner, (A.K.A Solomon).

It cuts to Octus in a field and he is walking within a large field. He finds a panel in the ground which he opens up and then the man throws them their watches, just as Octus bursts into the room. They then form Sym-Bionic Titan and break through the floor of G3's ship, as the prisoner reveals himself to be Solomon.

Solomon looks at them, and they begin pounding against the floor of G3's ship. Suddenly, Titan falls down to Earth through a hole in the ship, as Solomon says it isn't over yet.

Then it cuts to Octus, Ilana, and Lance in their house, talking about G3. After that, it cuts to Solomon talking to his superior, a man with a mechanical arm, who leads G3. He tells Solomon to not disobey his orders ever again.



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