The Elite are highly trained Galalunian Soldiers, part of The Kingdom, that achieved top marks in the Galaluna Military Academy and have the honor of piloting the Manus Armour.

About Edit

They were the main line of protection for the home of the planet's ruler, The King, at the Royal Palace. They commonly accompany the King and the Royal Family as honor guards on important occasions, such as funerals, visits, and during campaigns against the Mutraddi.

Elite members also have the opportunity to join the Galalunian Royal Guard. Most Royal Guards also hold a position within the Elites.

Appearance Edit

Their outfit consists of knee-high boots, white trousers, an armored body which has two epaulette-like pronounced shoulder pads, and a metallic sash across their body, with a golden button in the center, white gloves, and an underlying dark blue bodysuit. Elites also have a distinctive helmet, with a high crest, metallic face guard, and an armored segmented neck guard, with two communicators on the side, on top of the ears. It also gives its wearer a robotic tone when spoken out of.

Weaponry Edit

They most commonly use energy rifles of exceptionally exquisite designs, and have access to powerful energy repeaters, which require great strength to use effectively, and smaller weapons which have two settings; a high-powered shot, or a fully automatic mode. Elite members also carry swords into combat, as evidenced during the Siege of Galauna, where Lance took one off of the body of a dead Elite member guarding his cell.

History Edit

The Elite were completely, or almost completely wiped out during the Siege of Galaluna, being the front-line fighting force manning tanks and taking up energy weaponry against the invading forces of the Mutraddi. A squad of three or four Elites were all that were left in the Palace to guard the King in the end, their fates unknown, though presumed dead. The Resistance movement during The Modula Occupation was composed of almost entirely Royal Guards, only the Elite's massive stockpiles of energy rifles being any reminder of their deeds.

This was the rank at which point a member of the Galaunian military was gifted a suit of Manus armor. Almost all the activation watches of the Elite were jammed by the Mutraddi ships in orbit, preventing a victory and ultimately losing the siege due to them only being able to shoot down Mutraddi in either one of the few tanks they had on hand, or by taking up the defense with their energy weapons.

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