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Duraak talking to Modula in Trashy 497 03
Quote1Modula:That is the most feared Creature on Mutradd?

Duraak: Yes, your majesty.

Modula: *looks again* You're sure?Quote2

General Modula to Duraak in Trashy 497 @ 3:15

Tashy 497 is a character seen in Tashy 497 (Episode) who was sent by General Modula to attack Ilana, Lance, and Octus. Tashy 497 is a portmanteau of Mushy, Tarax, and 497, individual names given by Ilana, Lance, and Octus.


Mushy/Tarax/497 (Tashy 497) is a character seen in Tashy 497. He is a creature from Mutraad. He is a living time bomb feared by all of the Mutraddi despite his small size and adorable appearance. The creature is unnamed, and is given three separate names by the Luneses, but is later simplified to just Tashy 497.

Duraak gives him to General Modula after he files a "complaint". Once entering Earth's atmosphere in a missile, The Sym-Bionic Titan tries to stop it from destroying anything. The Titan crew find the creature inside and it mysteriously coughs every now and then. They take it home to do more research on it, but Ilana, Lance, and Octus develop a bond with it. Ilana names him Mushy because he is mushy like a marshmallow and he enjoys eating them. Lance names him Tarax, after the great Galalunian general and calls him 'tough for a little guy,' then proceeds to check if it is male or not. Octus names him "497" because he's the 497th creature he encountered on Earth. He is the only Mutraddi Monster that did not attack. After the group enjoys his company more and more. Octus comes to find out that he is a living bomb, and that he isn't stable in Earth's atmosphere. The more he stays on Earth, the more he gets sick, which will trigger him into exploding at his death. The explosion would be large enough to destroy an entire planet. A moment later Barb's dog chases him around the house and causes him to run outside. This follows a entire sequence of near death experiences by avoiding to get hit by cars and motorcycles and other fatal hazards.

In the end, the team catches him and make a tough decision whether to keep him as a pet or to remove the hazard to the planet that he represents. At this point, Tashy 497's skin is peeling and his sneezes have reached the point where he can blow anything out of his path as a sonic boom. The impracticality makes it as a hard decision, but they all eventuality agree with it. The team forms Sym-Bionic Titan and then fly him to space far enough from planet Earth. After he explodes, Octus and the team go to the museum. At the museum, he looks at the sky through an astronomical telescope to see that 497's explosion caused a new cosmic formation. The man at the museum states that whoever finds a cosmic formation, names it. After a short discussion, Ilana, Lance, and Octus agree to name their new discovery Tashy 497.


Tashy 497 appears to be a tiny, blue octopus like creature with big black eyes, purple spots that reach his forehead to his back and 11-16 small tentacles. He is extremely cute even though he is feared by many. His head upside down is a smiley face.


Tashy 497 can not speak English however he expresses himself with his body language. Tashy 497 acts similar to a cat, an animal that likes human contact but keeps to himself as well.


Ilana, Lance, and OctusEdit

Ilana, Lance, and Octus discover Tashy 497 when his ship crashes on to Earth. Lance and Ilana are both drawn to it, possibly because it is something refreshingly "normal" in their experience on Earth, being used to Aliens as they likely are. Ilana finds the creature cute, while Lance enjoys it's playfulness. Octus is sympathetic towards their sadness when they have to send it into space to perish without harming any innocents, and it's final name is a combination of the three names they came up with for it : Lance's "Tarax", Ilana's "Mushy", and Octus' "Creature 497."


Duraak is the alien responsible for studying and recommending Tashy 497 to General Modula. He is killed when the creature fails to perform as he said it would.

General ModulaEdit

General Modula is the one that orders Tashy 497 sent to Earth, deciding to make use of this unorthodox creature as the brute force of his monsters is not working, in his efforts to destroy Ilana.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Being able to create devastating explosions that can destroy or consume a planet.
  • Speed, Stamina and Agility.
  • Miniature suction cups used to cling to walls and ceilings.


  • Tashy 497's Dennison are not known, however, he resembles a soccer ball in comparison to everyone else.
  • In "the Steel Foe" when Lance discovers that the HMER is made from the metal of the rocket that Tashy came to Earth in, he uses the name "Tashy" to reference it instead of his own name choice "Tarax."
    • His height (~ 1' (2.54cm)) and weight (~ 1lb (0.45kg)) are taken from a standard FIFA soccer ball.
  • In the Latin American version, it is called Talva 497.
    Note: -alva is a portmanteu of Malva ("malvavisco" in Spanish, marshmallow in English).

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