Tara Strong is the voice actress of Ilana and 18 other characters on Sym-Bionic Titan.


Tara Lyn Charendoff (known as Tara Strong) was born February 12, 1973 (46) and is a Canadian American actress, voice-over artist, comedienne, musician, singer and businesswoman[3]. Strong is perhaps best known for her extensive voice acting in animated films and television.

Strong's first encounter with acting was at the young age of four, where she volunteered to be a soloist in a school production[4]. Strong would move on to perform outside of school at the Yiddish Theater, a Jewish theatre[4]. Strong did not speak Yiddish and had to learn her lines phonetically, which made it hard since many of the Yiddish women could not thank her for her signing[4].

At age 13 Strong was accepted into the Toronto school for performing arts[4]. There she performed her first professional role as "Gracie" in Limelight Theater's production of "The Music Man."[4] This gave Strong the opportunity to work with Mr. T on his show "TNT", he reportedly to her the first time he saw here:

Quote1Well, ain't you somethin' else![4]Quote2
―Mr. T to Tara Strong

With experience behind her Strong started her voice acting career at 14 years old as a voice actress for "Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater" in Toronto[3]. Her agent was the person who submitted her resume and she got the job right out the gate. Her work the migrated her to Los Angeles were she worked on CBC's sitcom "Mosquito Lake", were ironically her character was named "Tara"[4].

Strong would go on to play hundreds of rolls in T.V shows, animated cartoons, anime and more. Strong married her husband Craig Strong May 14th, 2000 and currently has two children[1]. In 2010 she was the voice actress of Ilana and 18 other characters on Sym-Bionic Titan[5]


Character Episode
Ilana[6] Escape To Sherman High (and every other episode)
Mrs. Mitchell[6] Escape To Sherman High
Driver[7] Neighbors in Disguise
Anchorwoman[7] Neighbors in Disguise
Mom[8] Elephant Logic
Breezy[8] Elephant Logic
Amber[9] The Phantom Ninja
Ms O'brien[10] Roar of the White Dragon
Woman[10] Shaman of Fear
Girl[11] Showdown at Sherman High
Betty[11] Showdown at Sherman High
Young Ilana[12] Shadows of Youth
Mother[13] The Fortress of Deception
Mary[14] The Ballad of Scary Mary
Groupie[15] Disenfranchised
Little Girl[16] Escape From Galaluna
Agnes[17] A Family Crisis
Mrs. Tong[18] The Steel Foe
Reporter #3[18] The Steel Foe

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