The Storm Creature is a monster created by accident by Julius Steel and the army in Elephant Logic.


A fragment of the Fire Monster was that was destroyed by Ilana, Lance, and Octus was recovered by General Julius Steel to do research. When the general and his team tried to cut it open, it turned into a cloud of massive electrical power most like a storm. Ilana first tried fighting it by blasting rays into it, but failed to do so. But eventually the Titan stopped it by flying into it and redirecting the creature's own power back into it. It is able to release strong blasts of lightning.


The following is a theory by Queenbean3, however, it provides some idea of the origin of the Storm Creature

Quote1The rock the Storm Creature came from is NOT a piece of the Fire Creature. How do I know this? Because of the bodies of water where they were both located. The battle with the Fire Creature took place in Sherman, Illinois. Illinois borders Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes, so this was the body of water the creature was killed in. Meanwhile, the rock that became the Storm Creature was found in the ocean, as evidenced from the various types of corals in the area. I also spotted a butterflyfish and an eel, and neither species can be found in Lake Michigan.Quote2
―Theory of Storm Creature by Queenbean3


The Storm Creature creature resembles a large cloud of back dust that has fire explosions inside of it. On the inside the Storm Creature can shoot out electricity in the form of lighting.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Create fire explosions
  • Shoot electricity in the form of lighting


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