Quote1What do you think you're doing, General?Quote2
Solomon to Julius Steel in Escape To Sherman High @ 4:53

Solomon is the leader of the G3, or better known as the Galactic Guardian Group. A mysterious, white haired individual, Solomon hides his personality behind a mask of cold indifference. He and General Steel are constantly at cross-purposes due to their rivalry into defense against aliens. Solomon, up to the episode The Fortress of Deception, appears to see Titan as an ally, unlike Steel who refuses to see it as anything but a threat.

Solomon prominently appears in "The Fortress of Deception," where he and his men capture Lance and Ilana and take them to G3 Headquarters, a floating station in the upper atmosphere. In order to lull the two into revealing whatever secrets they have, he impersonates a prisoner, "Kane" claiming to have worked at G3, and, after escaping with Lance and Ilana, returns their watches to them. However, once fighting breaks out with Titan and G3 (Octus, after exploring an underground G3 facility, discovers Lance and Ilana on the station, then forms Titan), He reveals himself to be Solomon. Solomon, after trapping Titan in a magnetic electroshock field, then begins to ask questions, when Titan uses the field to break through the hull of the ship, tearing it open and escaping. Solomon is revealed to have a superior, a male who appears to be missing his left arm, or it just possessing a mechanical one. At the end of the episode his superior yells at him for disobeying orders: Solomon's orders were to watch Lance and the others, but not to capture them.

However, in the episode "A Family Crisis" Solomon relies on Lance and Ilana to rescue him after an energy absorbing creature kills his entire strike team on a space station in Saturn's orbit. The trio arrive just as Solomon runs out of air, and they revive him. He warns them that the creature renders anything it drains permanently dead, and tells them that the reason he called them was because he thought their weapons would have more of an effect.

As the episode progresses, he works with Lance to contain the creature, and helps hide Octus, who has already been injured by it. He tells Lance that if there's anything the three need, he'll provide it. When the G3 spaceship arrives, he and Lance attempt to escape (Ilana and Octus are already on board), but Lance's line is cut and he falls back to the ship. Before he or Ilana can stop him, Octus leaps down to help him and is killed by the creature. Recovering Lance and Octus' computer core, Solomon attempts to reactivate him with a power surge, but to no avail. Lance, in a mournful rage, annihilates the station with the ships weapons, as Ilana looks on in tearful horror. Solomon sadly apologizes, as Octus' death is technically his fault: he was the reason the three were there.

In episode 19, he offered Lance and Ilana to stay with them to try to revive Octus, but Lance denied this due to the fact of their back track record with each other. So since then, despite their constant moving, he has kept a close eye on them, and later he and G3 save Lance and Ilana from General Steel and his robot, The Hammer.

After Titan's return, he and G3 were forced to go into hiding from Steel since Steel tried to kill them.

As of the end of the season, G3 has apparently dropped off the map, their massive carrier vessel having vanished once Titan defeated the Mutraddi monsters.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Being head of the G3 agency, Solomon has only the ability to cue whatever he wants. Since he is the leader, he is capable of controlling his army of men and calls most of the shots. In The Fortress of Deception, Solomon is also seen to have great combat skills that are very similar to Lance's Galalunian fighting skills.

Trivia Edit

  • Solomon smiled in "Elephant Logic" when Octus played the Animal Friends theme.
  • When he questions Lance and Ilana, he wants to know why Lance and Ilana are on Earth and he doesn't know about Titan.
  • His appearance is based on Solomon Kane (a character created by Robert E. Howard, the author of the w:Conan: The Barbarian stories). This is confirmed in "The Fortress of Deception" when Solomon uses the name "Kane" as an alias. He is also a reference, visually, to Alucard from the Manga/Anime Hellsing, where, like Solomon, Alucard is a high ranking member of a paramilitary organization with seemingly only one person being higher in rank than he is. He also share's Alucard's long duster-type coat, wide-brimmed fedora, tinted goggles/glasses, aquiline nose, long hair and seemingly old-fashioned clothes, albeit in different colors.
  • The spreading rumor is that, with his promise to Lance, he and the G3 Army will help liberate Galaluna.
  • He appears to have become aware of that his superior is Galalunian since the A New Beginning, he was practically calling him out to help repair Octus.
  • While Lance stands 6 feet tall (1.80 meters), Solomon is shown to be at least 10 centimeters taller than him.
  • Solomon has white hair, despite him being in his late 30's. This either indicates that he is an albino, which gives the glasses and the hat the purpose of protecting him from the sun after helping him hide his identity, or he suffered a shock.
  • In the fan recreated game "Fusion Fall: Retro" Solomon's iconic hat and eye-wear are available as the highly coveted Solomon Hat item which were only available during a Halloween event at a extremely low drop rate.

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