This article is about the seventh episode. For the episode with a similar name, see Escape To Sherman High. For the titular school, see Sherman High School.

"Showdown at Sherman High" is the seventh episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on October 29, 2010.

Overview Edit

Using Sym-Bionic Titan, the group defeats a Mutraddi blob monster; however, a small piece survives and follows them to school, where it reassembles itself and attacks while they are vulnerable. The creature engulfs the school taking the whole student body prisoner. While Lance and Ilana fight for their lives and the other students, Octus has to devise a means to defeat the creature -- which turns out to be cellphone signals via hypersonic waves.


In Titan, our heroes are battling a giant frog-shaped blob in the city. When they try to cut off its head it simply reattaches itself, then swallows their weapon and then Titan. Inside the beast Octus discovers that a burst of high lever radio wave frequencies will hurt it. The result causes the blob creature to explode and frees the Titan. The townspeople cheer and Titan flies away. In an alley the group returns to their civilian form and drive off to school in their van, not noticing that a tiny piece of the blob creature is still alive and hiding in Ilana's bag. At school the other students happily greet the aloof Lance and ignore the much friendlier Ilana. She wonders why everyone likes Lance better than her and Octus explains that it's because Lance is 'cool.' Then, they notice a bunch of girls squealing over a poster announcing cheerleader tryouts. Ilana decides to participate, thinking the school spirit leaders are like her and that joining them will win the acceptance of her peers. Lance is not optimistic, but Ilana fiercely shoots down his criticisms.

At the tryouts in the school gym, a panel of four cheerleaders serves as the judges and they are not impressed by any of the girls before them. Then, it's Ilana's turn and to the surprise of the Cheerleaders, she performs well. Too well, it seems, for the head cheerleader, Kimmy, appears upset at Ilana's excellent performance. When Ilana finishes showing her skills, Kimmy challenges her to a harder test of standing on top of a human pyramid formed by the other cheerleaders. Ilana makes it to the top successfully, but Kimmy signals to one of the girls to sabotage her. This causes the whole pyramid to collapse with Ilana at the bottom. Kimmy then tells Ilana she'll never be a cheerleader because nobody wants to be like her. Ilana stands up, muttering in frustration that Lance is right: why should she even bother trying gain acceptance.

While all this is going on, the little blob hiding in Ilana's bag slithers out of her locker, makes its way to the roof of the school and screeches loudly. In the city, Solomon and a team of G3 agents are collecting the remains of the blob creature. But black sludge break out of their containers and slide away. The ooze reforms into the giant blob creature and meets the little one at the school, which uses some crude shape-shifting to communicate that Ilana, Lance and Octus are inside the building. The giant blob creature then engulfs the school in its mouth, effectively trapping everyone inside.

When this happens Lance is out of class with a hall pass and Octus is in a science lab with a dumb jock nicknamed Meat for a partner. As Octus wonders how the creature can still be alive, three smaller blob creatures confront Lance in the hall. They recognize him and attack, but he manages to elude them in a crowd of panicked students and tries to contact Ilana with his wristband. When she doesn't answer Lance calls Octus, who is also unable to reach Ilana but he seems more concerned about the fact that his plan to destroy the creature didn't work earlier. Lance tells him to fix it while he goes to the gym to find Ilana.

In the gym, a swarm of blob creatures is scaring the students and Ilana is hiding from them under the bleachers. She needs to contact Lance but her wristband is in the girls' locker room, forcing her to leave her hiding place to go get it. The creatures spot her but she makes it to the locker room and shuts them out. However, Kimmy and her three friends are also there and accuse her of ruining their hiding spot. Ilana retrieves her wristband and finds an escape route in an air vent in the ceiling over the showers. The other girls refuse to follow her until the creatures smash through the door. When Lance gets to the gym he has to fight off some more creatures before he can get to the locker room. Seeing only creatures there and a table under the vent in the shower, he realizes that Ilana has escaped and leaves the gym to catch up with her, trying to avoid more creatures along the way.

In the science lab, the jocks are barricading the door, but one tiny blob gets in and sticks to Meat's arm. Octus zaps him with a jolt of electricity, scoops the stunned blob into a jar and attempts to find out how to kill it. Meanwhile, Lance comes upon three more blob creatures in the hall. Instead of fighting them, he locks himself in a janitor's closet but someone else is already there. After kicking the stranger senseless, it turns out to be just another student wearing the school's mascot costume. While the boy is unconscious, Lance takes his costume to use as a disguise and resumes his search for Ilana.

While crawling through the air vents, Ilana finds Kimmy and the other cheerleaders more and more irksome with their complaints and insults. When she tries to use her wristband to call Lance, the girls take the opportunity to ask about her 'brother' and comment that she did not inherit his coolness. Then, the duct they're crawling in creaks, attracting attention from the creatures searching the indoor pool. One pokes its head in through a vent but it doesn't see the girls and leaves. Then Lance's voice comes through Ilana's wristband and gives them away. The creature pulls the duct from the ceiling and shakes all the girls out of it. Hearing their screams and splashing sounds, Lance realizes where Ilana is and heads for the pool, but again he misses her and has to fight the creatures that are still there, wearing the silly mascot suit and with only a net for a weapon.

Octus is still experimenting on the little blob in his jar without success until Meat uses his cell phone to call his mom for help. The creature in the jar shrieks in pain and Octus discovers that the signal from Meat's cell phone is the creature's weakness. He calls Lance about this while he's still in the middle of a fight. Then Ilana, hiding with the cheerleaders in the auditorium, joins the conversation. Octus explains his plan to destroy the creatures by converting the students' cell phones into weapons. In order for his plan to work he needs the students to text him so he can send back the correct frequency. Lance realizes they can get the students to cooperate by making an announcement over the P.A. system in the main office. Ilana volunteers to do it since she is near there, but Kimmy refuses to follow her any further. Ilana finally loses her patience and, after scolding the cheerleaders for their selfishness, she proclaims that she no longer wants to be part of their group and leaves to save the school alone.

In the hall, Ilana is only a few feet away from the main office but has to hide when more creatures block her path. Then she is surprised when Kimmy's three friends join her and offer their help. As they try to think of a plan, Kimmy appears and suggests using the human pyramid to vault Ilana over the creatures. So with Kimmy and her friends forming the pyramid Ilana is safely vaulted over the creatures and is able to reach the main office. Unfortunately, the door is locked and the creatures are closing in, but Lance arrives in the mascot suit and fights them off. He breaks the office door with one kick, allowing Ilana to enter and use the P.A. system and make the announcement to the students. Once Octus receives their phone numbers, he uses his own phone to send back his signal.

As Ilana continues to motivate the students over the P.A. system, every student is able to destroy a creature just by aiming a phone at them. However, the creatures attacking Lance are still alive and knock the head off of his mascot suit. As soon as the cheerleaders see his face they rush to his aid with their cell phones. Now all of the creatures are gone but Ilana's speech is still going on over the P.A. system. Just as she starts to sing an improvised battle hymn Lance takes the microphone away from her to get her to stop.

Later as they walk the halls together, Lance and Ilana see that everything in the school seems to have returned to normal. They bump into Kimmy and her friends, who tease Ilana about her singing and her speech. Lance gets upset and is about to confront them but Ilana tells him that what they say doesn't bother her anymore. In the science lab while the rest of the class celebrates, only Meat gives Octus any praise, then calls him his hero and hugs him.


  • Kimmy's apparent anger at Ilana's successful demonstration can be interpreted that she sees Ilana as a threat to her position as cheer captain and, by extension, her position of popularity, upon which she bases a great deal of her self-esteem, as will be discovered in "Lessons in Love."
  • The driver who delivered the first line in this episode bears some resemblance to Doyle Blackwell from the Secret Saturdays. Not only that, the guy called Bryan is voiced by the same voice actor who voiced Doyle.

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