Sherman High School, also known as Sherman High, is a high school located in Sherman, Illinois and is the school Ilana, Lance, and Newton attend while hiding out from the Mutraddi.


Sherman High School first appears in Escape To Sherman High after Octus explains that people the age of Ilana & Lance attend something called "High School". When he attains visuals we are shown scenes from High School Heights, a fictional T.V show about high school and high school drama.

After a short scene change we see Ilana, Lance, and Octus outside of Sherman High while other students laugh around them, apparently they are laughing at Ilana's appearance as she stands out. Octus (or Newton in this case) explains that he has enrolled them in the school's computer system and proceeds to explain the school hierarchy. Upon learning about the deep divide between normal students, jocks, dweebs, nerds, cheerleaders, etc.. Ilana says "We should really should find a way to unite these people as one." but Newtons says "that is highly improbable". Lance equates the system to "...barbaric tribes of our ancestors" leading use to believe that Galaluna schools are more progressive then those on Earth.

The school is used as a backdrop for much of the school but little is actually known about the layout, teachers and other students.

Points of InterestEdit

Court YardEdit

Sherman High School - Court Yard - Concept Art

Sherman High School - Court Yard - Concept Art

The Sherman High court yard is the first scene of Sherman High School, it is used repeatedly for scenes.

Classroom 01Edit

Sherman High School - Classroom 01 - Concept Art

Sherman High School - Classroom 01 - Concept Art

A classroom at Sherman High School. Likely reads, "Exam in 3 days" on opposite blackboard. "What event . . . Where?" is written behind Ilana.


  • Despite the fact that a real Sherman, Illinois exists no high school is located their, the village is simply to small to have one.
  • In the movie The Breakfast Club the students attend "Shermer High School", it is unknown if the schools name "Sherman High School" is an homage to the cult classic movie.


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