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The Sherman High Cheerleaders are a group of girls that cheer on jocks in sport events. They can very bratty and often text or call each other like normal teens. As in episode Showdown at Sherman High when Ilana tries out for the cheerleading squad, they all enjoy her performance expect for Kimmy, the squad Captain. In order for Ilana to not make the squad they sabotage her by telling her she can only make the squad unless she can make the pyramid. Kimmy makes one of the team members trip Ilana purposely so she won't make the team.

Showdown at Sherman HighEdit

Four Major Sherman High Cheerleaders in Showdown at Sherman High

Four Major Sherman High Cheerleaders in Showdown at Sherman High

The episode Showdown at Sherman High, Ilana tries out for the cheerleading try outs simply because she needs somewhere to fit in, almost like a clique. Ilana thinks as herself as spiritual, leader-like person, hence her calling them "Spirit Leaders" and she thinks that cheerleaders fit that category perfectly. Although it is evident that it is a lie, she doesn't pay attention to it. While some of the girls try out, some get turned down brutally. Ilana ignores it and believe that she will make it. Despite Ilana being the best out of all the candidates, Kimmy turns her down (feeling that Ilana's skill threatens her position as captain), saying she can only join the squad once completing the pyramid. The Pyramid is quickly formed by the other cheerleaders, leaving Ilana to finish it. Once she has positioned herself successfully on top, Amber, Kimmy's friend, sabotages her by causing her to fall and break the pyramid. Kimmy brutally mocks Ilana, telling her that no one would want to be like her. This nearly causes Ilana to give up hope trying to fit in, until the monster attacks.

Cheerleader Sqaud - Major Four

Four Major Cheerleaders

Once the Blob Monster attacks, Ilana finds herself stuck with the Cheerleaders as they attempt to escape. Despite the fact that Ilana saved them, Kimmy and the others continue to mock her relentlessly. Ilana finally cracks, chastising Kimmy as a shallow, selfish bully who abuses her position of power, and who is clearly nothing like her, and Ilana is honestly glad for that. After this, the other Cheerleaders decide to Help Ilana, with Kimmy reluctantly joining them, swallowing her pride to apologize to Ilana.

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