Sherman, Illinois is a town located in the United States. It has a metropolitan area, a High School, and a suburban neighborhood.

It is notorious for the large numbers of monsters that have appeared there and destroyed property after a spaceship crashed in a nearby forest. The city seems to be rich in population, and money.

Sherman, Illinois in real lifeEdit

Lance's Drivers Licenses in Roar of the White Dragon

It had been theorized that Sherman was a real location inside of the United States since a city called Sherman exists in Illinois. In Roar of the White Dragon these suspicious are proven as Lance's License says his home of residence is 1234 Treeline Rd. Sherman, IL. 60626, which clearly states Sherman, IL or Sherman, Illinois.

Sherman, Illinois Google Maps

Sherman, Illinois Google Maps

Problems do arise from this since Sherman is located near a lake which has also been theorized to be Lake Michigan, one of the Great Lakes. Chicago, Illinois is the closets metropolitan city to Sherman that has the same sky line in the show but also a large lake (Lake Michigan) next to it. With this we could assume that Sherman is suburb rather then a city and that Lunis Family travels to Chicago, Illinois for shopping and other needs. This also works well as most suburbs have school to accompany the residence, in this case Sherman High School.



Full of skyscrapers and buildings, the metropolitan area of Sherman is a very urban place. It also includes a Mall. During a fight between Titan and the Mega Beast, a large crater was carved in the middle of the city, which resulted in an unknown number of casualties. A large bridge was constructed over the crater to allow traffic to pass.

Sherman HighEdit

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The High School of Sherman, Illinois is a regular high school. The kids at the school separate themselves into groups, and it has a very unhealthy lunch menu. A large part of the cafeteria was destroyed during a fight with giant robots. It's also where the teens like to just chill.

The NeighborhoodEdit

The people of Sherman, Illinois live in a sub-urban neighborhood near town. It has it's own grocery stores. Notable people living here include the Lunis Family, Jacob, Ava, and Barbara.

The Impound LotEdit

An impound lot where old cars are stored to be melted away and recycled.



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