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"Shadows of Youth" is the eight episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on November 5, 2010.

Overview Edit

Lance has memory flashes to his time at the Galalunian military academy as a child shortly after the disappearance of his father. While at the academy, he is bullied and proves he is better than the other students by achieving the Medal of Excellence. As a result, the bullies try to kill him and end up destroying the school.

Synopsis Edit

After Lance's father disappeared through the rift gate, he is held a funeral with an empty casket, though Lance believes that his father will return someday. Lance is enrolled in a military training academy. A rich head-of-class student named Baron and his two flunkies constantly bully him, further pushing him to work harder. He defeats Baron in the final exam, earning him highest marks and a medal of excellence. Not wanting to be outdone, Baron then tries to kill him the day of the ceremony. He defends himself by going into a Manus, as does Baron, and they soon get into a giant robot fight that destroys half the academy, incarcerating them both. Baron's parents bail him out, but Lance is not so fortunate. The King has a heart-to-heart talk with Lance, who at no point tries to explain what really happened and only remarks that the King is not his father, the King responds "no, but if he were here he would be very disappointed in you." Lance then replies "well he's not here, he's gone." accepting that his father is not coming back. The King makes Lance repair the damages to the Academy over the summer while the other students go home to their parents.


  • This Episode may explain why Ilana initially is distrustful of Lance in Episode 1, where she mentions she "knows about" Lance's past, being that she was present when Lance and Baron almost destroyed the school.
  • Lance's armor system is referred to by its official name, Manus, for the first time. It is also revealed that his father invented it.
  • The woman standing next to Ilana at the funeral somewhat resembles her. It is possible that the woman is her mother, but considering she didn't get in the coach with the king and Ilana and she wasn't seen at the ceremony, it makes this highly unlikely.
  • This episode reveals that Lance's mother is possibly deceased because Lance was sent to the school because of his "orphan" status.
  • This episode reveals the Lance and Ilana first "met"(made eye contact) when they were little kids.


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