The Robot Hydra is a large mecha creature sent by General Modula to destroy Ilana, Lance and Octus. It first appeared in Neighbors in Disguise


The Robot Hydra first crashed in Egypt, and then went to a country somewhere in Europe. After finding Lance's armor signal, it later went to Sherman, Illinois in the United States and attacked Lance and Ilana. Lance and Ilana both tried to escape, but it found them along with Octus and attacked right after they formed their Titan. They began to battle the Hydra and kicked it away from the neighborhood and their home to protect the people. The Hydra proved to be powerful, however, so the trio fought back and threw it back into the forest where the battle continued.

It was later defeated by Lance and his Manus armor, who flew inside it and attacked its core with his joust, causing it to puff up and explode.

When the smoke cleared, two of its bird-like legs were left standing in the devastated section of the forest.

After EventsEdit

The legs were apparently left in place and not recovered by ether General Steel or G3. They have apparently become a hangout for the high school crowd and a toe of the left foot was used as the stage for a Disenfranchised Concert. The Legs have rusted and sections of plating have been removed, likely by the Army or G3.


The Robot Hydra is a mechanical, armless biped comprised of some unknown metal. Its five heads sit atop lightly armored, serpentine necks and are vaguely canine in anatomy. While most of the creature's body is black, there exists a softer, crimson material beneath, most visible in the necks and interior of the mouths.


Modula is adamant that the Robot Hydra is more intelligent than the other monsters at his disposal - a trait which it demonstrates by managing to land an entire hemisphere away from its target, or where both previous and subsequent monsters would land.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Has five heads
  • Can shoot a laser from it's mouth(s)
  • Strong mouth can rip steel and stone apart easily


  • It is thought to be based on the Godzilla movie's Mecha King Ghidorah, based on the mechanical make-up of it and its heads.
  • Robot Hydra's name comes from the Lernaean Hydra from Greek Mythology.
  • The Robot Hydra's animation is hand-drawn as opposed to Titan's, which is cel-shaded with CGI.

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