"Roar of the White Dragon" is the fifth episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on October 15, 2010.

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Lance develops a rivalry with a street-racing gang leader named Mike Chan, also called the White Dragon. When Lance's rivalry gets him arrested, Ilana forces him to get a driver's license -- legally -- if he wants to race Chan again. During the test, he is harassed first by Chan's gang, then by a long-limbed Mutraddi monster. Lance manages to escape the monster and his instructor passes him in gratitude. Lance, Ilana, and Octus defeat the monster and Chan is taken into police custody by a detective who was trying to catch him.


The three Galalunians are on their way to school. As traffic builds, Ilana is scared that they will be late. Lance tries to reassure her, before a red import tuner with a white dragon paintjob races by, persuaded police cars. Octus and Lance both comment on its coolness, while Ilana is dismissive, criticizing the driver for his criminal traffic rule violations. Before any further conversation can occur, traffic is stopped by a pile-up of the Police cars. Ilana moans in defeat: they are sure to be late now.

Finally reaching school, Ilana runs to class, leaving Lance with her book bag. As Lance and Octus get their stuff, the same car swings into the parking lot, and they both watch as a boy named Mike Chan and his girlfriend step out of the car. Chan calls his friends over and shows them some new valves he installed commenting about the police not realizing it. Lance reaches over to touch them but Chan slams the hood down and glares at them. he quickly puts down Lance and Newton, referring to the robot by "Soccer Mom" to Newton's confusion.

After a brief argument, the bell rings and Octus and Lance leave. Meanwhile, Ilana bursts into class and starts babbling about why she is late. When she can't turn in her homework because she doesn't have her backpack, she gets an F for the day. She retreats to her desk in embarrassment and shame, as the other students snicker at her.

Later at Lunch, Octus is eating popsicles, commenting on their deliciousness despite their simplicity, while Lance uses the sticks to make a model car. Ilana comes up and sits down moaning, before asking what Lance is doing in bewilderment. When Lance comments on building a car and having Octus fabricate him a drivers license, Ilana suddenly snaps into a dressing-down as to why obeying the rules is not only important, but vital.   Mike comes up and mocks the three, destroying Lance's model car. Lance gets up to fight but Ilana intervenes, commenting on school rules about fighting. When Lance gets upset, she sharply reiterates her statement and stalks away. Octus tells Lance to not get upset and shows him a hologram of a car that he has designed.

Lance and Octus acquire and rebuild a wrecked car, adding Galalunian upgrades in the process to increase efficiency. Ilana bursting in, ordering them not to drink the expired milk, serves only to confuse them.

Once the work is finished, Octus decides to celebrate with a popsicle. Lance, trailing behind, decides to go for a spin "around the block."

Mike Chan and Lance neck-and-neck during the race in Roar of the White Dragon

Mike Chan and Lance neck-and-neck during the race in Roar of the White Dragon.

The "around the block" turns into a downtown cruise, and all is going well...until Chan and his girlfriend meet him at a stoplight. Chan, mocking the older car Lance is driving, challenges him to a street race.

Lance agrees.

They drive to a construction site where Mike explains the rules. Mike's girlfriend gets out and holds up a handkerchief, and when she drops it the race is on. As the two tear across the site, destroying construction projects and pulling tricks, Chan signals his cronies to block Lance's efforts to get ahead.
Mike Chan using NOS

[Mike Chan gets ahead of Lance using NOS

Lance, in order to avoid these, pulls off incredible stunts, and manages to stay in the race to the end.
NOS-Button in Roar of the White Dragon

The NOS-button Mike Chan uses to beat Lance during the race in Roar of the White Dragon.

Through the efforts of his cronies, Chan manages to win. Lance gets out to confront him, but the Police show up. Chan and the others scatter, leaving Lance to be captured.

At the holding cell, a detective yells at Lance, demanding the identity of "the white dragon" but when Ilana comes, she states the rules and the detective must let him go, though the detective swears revenge on the White Dragon. Ilana tells Lance that if he wants to drive he has to get a valid driver's license. Lance passes the driver's test and then begins his test drive. Ilana and Octus get his car from the impound at the same time.

As Lance works his way through the test, Chan and the White Dragon gang come up on the test car and begin to interfere with him, to the terror of the supervisor. meanwhile, the rift gate opens, depositing another monster.

Octus, with Ilana in Lance's car, detects the arrival. Ilana orders them to head for Lance's location. When Octus goes no faster than the speed limit, citing Ilana's own words about obeying the rules, she admits that there are times when rules must be broken.

On the highway, right under the crushing arms of the Mutraddi, Lance demonstrates his skills once again. Chan, not to be outdone, carries on despite his gang abandoning him. He pulls of one similar stunt to his delight, before abruptly crashing into a crater.

Meeting up with Ilana and Newton, Lance at first believes he has failed, only for the teacher to tell him that with his skills, he should be the teacher. Ilana and Newton are delighted, and the three form Titan and dispatch the Mutraddi. As Mike crawls out of the crater, he is arrested by the Police officer who questioned Lance. Chan vows vengeance as Lance drives past, smirking in triumph.

As the episode ends, Lance receive his license, only for the moment to be ruined for him as Ilana and Newton laugh at his ridiculous picture. Lance gets his own back, however, as Ilana runs off nauseous upon discovering she drank expired milk.


  • When Chan first makes his appearance, the background music was similar to The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
  • The monster in this episode looks similar to the Cloverfield monster.
  • Lance gets his drivers license in this episode.


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