The Rift Gate is a space anomaly used to travel long distances in a matter of seconds, it is unknown if it effects time as well but nothing points to that.


The Rift Gate was a technology pioneered by Galaluna scientists for unknown reasons, the head research scientist was Edward; Lance's father. To prove that the Rift Gate worked Edward jumped into the portal and has not been seen since. Edward could have been transported anywhere in the universe, however, the most prominent theory is Earth where he is acting as the Mysterious Figure.

Many years later during the Invasion of Galaluna the blood line of The Kingdom had to be protected. The King sent his daughter, Ilana and two companions, Lance and Octus, through the Rift Gate. It is unknown if he sent them to Earth for a reason or picked a random location. When The King is questioned by the traitor General Modula where his daughter is Modula uses his power to peer into his mind. He sees that The King has perfected the Rift Gate.

Modula now uses the Rift Gate to send Mutraddi beasts to destroy Ilana and finish the conquest of Galaluna. Luckily Octus is built with a notifier to tell whether something enters through the Rift Gate.

Points of InterestEdit

The Rift Gate is technically a portal in space and has no points of interest, however, the portal can only be opened with special technology found on Galaluna and Mutradd.

These are the known areas the Rift Gate has open in: