The Phantom Chameleon Monster is the ninth Mutraddi sent to Earth in The Ballad of Scary Mary.


This Mutraddi is spectral in nature arriving to earth as a corpse but later emerging as a phantasm. It came to Earth a few hundred feet away from a "Scary Mary" party that Ilana, Lance and Octus were at. They came to investigate the crash zone but upon finding the monster's body lifeless they dismissed it of being a threat. The monster later awoke and followed Ilana, Lance and Octus back to the party and disguised itself as Ilana's new friend Jason. The Chameleon Phantom attempted to kill Ilana but Lance stopped it forcing it to hide in the crowd in other human forms. It then took the place of the volunteer of the party's main event revealing itself to the crowd and scaring all but Ilana, Lance and Octus away. They fought the monster and it withstood many blows. When the monster expanded its sizeIlana, Lance and Octus formed Sym-Bionic Titan and continued to fight it. The monster took on many human forms as a giant including Kimmy, Ilana, Lance/Manus, Octus and other teenagers from school. But after a long fight they destroyed the monster with a hard blow to the head with a mace.


In its natural state, the Phantom-Chameleon-Monster is a ghoulish, vaguely humanoid being of translucent - possibly crystalline - flesh, with gnarled, gangly limbs and jagged, irregular ridges covering its torso. Its head sports two pairs of beady red eyes and two sets of insectean mandibles.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • The Phantom Chameleon Monster can shape shift into other beings
  • The Phantom Chameleon Monster can change it's size from a normal human to the size of Titan
  • The Phantom Chameleon Monster can use it's body like a crystal to deflect light/laser attacks


  • The Phantom Chameleon Monster impersonates 25 characters (12 which are unique), those people include:
  1. Jason
  2. Unknown
  3. Unknown
  4. Unknown
  5. Unknown
  6. Toad
  7. Manus
  8. Himself
  9. Manus (Again)
  10. Sym-Bionic Titan (mech)
  11. Kimmy Mysner
  12. Lance
  13. Ilana
  14. Newton
  15. Lance (Again)
  16. Ilana (Again)
  17. Newton (Again)
  18. Kimmy Mysner (Again)
  19. Lance (Again)
  20. Jason (Again)
  21. Kimmy Mysner (Again)
  22. Newton (Again)
  23. Kimmy Mysner (Again)
  24. Newton (Again)
  25. Kimmy Mysner (Again)

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