Quote1Solomon, [deep breathing] don't disobey me ever again!Quote2
Mysterious Figure to Solomon in The Fortress of Deception @ 21:49

The G3 Superior is a mysterious figure encased in a life-support suit that is similar in design to Octus.

Solomon is subordinate to him, and was chastised by him for disobeying orders and kidnapping Lance and Ilana, when he was only ordered to watch them.

Later, as Lance, Ilana, and G3 battle General Steel and the HMER, he accesses and repairs Octus, viewing some of Octus' recorded memories of Kimmy in the process.

Despite Ilana's desire to thank him for saving Octus, he and the rest of G3 have since gone into hiding, taking Steel's threat to return and continue their battle seriously.


  • A common belief among fans is that the G3 Superior is Edward.
  • The G3 Superior shares the same voice actor as Edward and Sym-Bionic Titan (mech).
  • We can safely assume that he is male since Solomon refers to him as sir.
  • It is confirmed he is at least Galalunian, being able to repair and know of Octus' inner workings beyond the other G3 scientists. When he first takes hold of Octus' core, he strokes his outer casing with a gesture of familiarity, indicating he recognizes the technology.

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