Mutraddi Mega Beast (or Fire Beast) is an unnamed Mutraddi sent to Earth by General Modula using the Rift Gate to find and destroy Ilana and her protectors.


Mutraddi Mega Beast are large Mutraddi creatures made up of rock & fire that destroy anything in their path. When General Modula attacks Galaluna he was able to tame the beasts and use them to defeat Galaluna.

Modula then sends his "pets" to defeat the princes (Ilana). When the creature first arrived on Earth it seemed to be made out of fire but when Titan planned to shorten the creature's power by submerging it onto water it didn't work and instead the creature emerged as a rock monster. Sym-Bionic Titan was still capable of defeating it again by slicing into many pieces with an energy sword.

At least three of these creatures have been seen during an attack on Galaluna.


The beast was massively strong due to it's size and capable to generate searing fire blasts as well as generating massive waves of heat that could wipe out city blocks. Upon submerging the creature in water it turns from fire to rock.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Shoot fire blasts toward opponents
  • Used an AOE (Area Of Effect) attack to destroy everything around it


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