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Quote1After you left me behind, I was forced to find a way to...reason, with the beasts of Mutraad.Quote2
General Modula to The King in Escape to Sherman High @ 08:31



Modula and a Mutraaddi

The Mutraddi are a race of diverse monsters that inhabit Mutraad, a severely ravaged planet that has apparently gone to war with Galaluna before. General Modula uses the creatures of the world in his conquest of Galaluna.

"Mutraddi" is the general term for a vast number of unique creatures that inhabit the planet. Most lack intelligence of any high degree and rely on instinct and brute lethality to survive on Mutraad's harsh environment; however, the Mutraddi appear to be tamable with the right skill, a fact exploited by Modula when he was forced to survive on there.

There appear to be countless distinct varieties of the Mutraddi species, some of which defy natural laws, and others that are gargantuan in size. The most common variety seen so far are the six-eyed, gray skinned hunchbacked beasts that seem to be unusually dim-witted and brutish, which serve as foot troops for Modula. However, there are at least three groups of Mutraddi who have gained the intellect to operate advanced machinery, such as computers and starships. These serve as Modula's "Zookeepers", finding him suitable creatures to send after the princess.

At some point in the recent past, a conflict with the Mutraddi on Mutraad, forced The King to withdraw, but not before Modula was lost in a blast and presumed dead.

Modula did not die however, and was forced to find a way to "reason" with the Mutraddi, and found a way to control and influence the creatures. Biding his time and gathering an army of the beasts, Modula launched a brutal and crippling assault on the Galalunians, capturing the planet and forcing the Crown Princess Ilana and her protectors to flee to Earth.

Later, General Steel used Mutraddi metal from a destroyed Mutraddi rocket to create the H.M.E.R. to protect Earth and destroy Titan. It succeeded in taking out one monster, and was on the verge of destroying Lance, Ilana and G3, with its nigh-impenetrable armor. Stronger than any Earth alloy, the armor allowed the H.M.E.R. to withstand attacks from G3's Galalunian-based weapons with ease. However, it failed in the end: ironically, it was destroyed by another Mutraddi.

Relationship With GalalunaEdit

It is referenced several times that Galaluna has a xenophobic view of Mutraddi, or aliens in general. This is evidenced by such comments, even by Modula, about the Mutraddi's mental status, or simply their race. Likewise, it can be seen in "Escape to Sherman High" in the opening scene: Lance instantly assumes the approaching army troops are enemies, simply because they are on an alien planet. This is furthered when he and Ilana are visibly shocked to find that the soldiers are human, and quickly disengage. Likewise, the trio show no remorse at the death of the alien creatures (except Tashy), while, after their first formation of Titan which resulted in horrendous destruction in Sherman, they have gone out of their way to prevent humans from coming to harm, even opponents. Such examples occur in "Showdown at Sherman High" where during the initial battle with the blob monster Ilana says the battle must be taken elsewhere, as innocents are in danger, and in "The Steel Foe" and "A New Beginning" when Ilana reminds Lance not to harm the Army troops attacking them. However, according to Lance's commander in "Escape from Galaluna", there was a peace treaty between Galaluna and Mutraad at some point in time before the invasion.


This is a list of events involving the Mutraddi during the known timeline.

Hostage Situation on Galaluna MoonEdit

The Hostage Situation on Galaluna Moon is an event where Mutraddi soldiers gained control of one of Galaluna's moons and held Galalunian people hostage. Lance disobeys the orders of the Galalunian Commander and proceeds to rescue the Galalunian hostages, but upon arriving, he finds all of them dead and the Mutraddi talking to a person (now known to be Modula) about an invasion. Lance is thrown into prison for disobeying orders, but manages to escape and help fight against the invasion of Galaluna.

Invasion of GalalunaEdit

The Invasion of Galaluna takes place chronically right before the first episode, Escape To Sherman High, it is not till episode 16, Escape From Galaluna, that we learn more about the hours leading up to the coup d'etat of Modula and the Mutraddi. The Mutraddi with the leadership of Modula sworn the planet after masking the Galalunian radar system during the Hostage Situation on Galaluna Moon. Lance manages to reach The King and board a ship with Ilana and Octus to protect The Kingdom's blood line.

The Modula OccupationEdit

The Modula Occupation is the current controlling body of Galaluna after the successful coup d'etat by General Modula and other high ranking military officers, the new government still has no official name. Due to the continued fighting a resistance force is waiting for Princes Ilana to return.

List of MutraddiEdit

  1. Adnon
  2. Alien Beast
  3. Bat Beast
  4. Beast Soldier
  5. Blob Monster
  6. Dark Shaman
  7. Dragon Creature
  8. Duraak
  9. Electric Entity
  10. Electric Monster
  11. Galalunian Commander
  12. Horned Monster
  13. Long Limb Monster
  14. Muculox
  15. Mutraddi Mega Beast
  16. Mutraddi Tri Beast
  17. Mutraddi Tunnel Drilling Beast
  18. Phantom Chameleon Monster
  19. Robot Hydra
  20. Storm Creature
  21. Tashy 497 (character)
  22. Xeexi


  1. Most of the Mutraddi behaved very similarly to the Angels from Neon Genesis Evangellion.
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