Mutraad is the home planet of the Mutraddi beasts. It appears to be partially destroyed, yet it is still inhabited by a wide variety of life forms. While the majority of them seem to be mindless beasts, there are some which are intelligent and even somewhat civilized, such as Xeexi, Duraak and some others.



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The current ruler is Lord Modula. No formal structure of government has been seen. The Mutraddi refer to Modula with terms like Lord and Master. Modula's fear based control and quick executions make his rule seem to fall in the definition of tyrannical dictatorship.


Modula came to power less than 10 Galaunaian lunar cycles ago. Not much is known about this period but with at least 5 native intelligent species, there likely was some form of government(s), to allow for the Mutraddi specific Tech to be developed.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Mutraad is a planet most notable for loss of a third of its material. The hole is circular in shape, and what ever produced it was gentle enough to leave the remaining planet intact.

The expected result of this 'hole', would be the planet crumbling into an new smaller sphere. As that has not occurred the plant must not have a liquid mantel, and must be quite strong to resist the shear stress of the ledges.

The atmosphere supports both Mutrai and Galaluinal life but is not identical to that of Galaluna. The current atmosphere is likely much thinner than in the past as much of it in now filling the 'hole'.

Its remaining mass still produces gravity in some places comparable to Galaluna/Earth.

While is likely Mutraad obits at least one sun, it has yet to be seen. All exterior views of Mutraad have been at night, with light coming only from artificial sources and the faint blue-green glow of he near by nebula.


Mutraad is surrounded by a debris field of large objects in a orbital plain. A few are shown to have a length greater that 10% of the diameter of Mutraad. There is no lower bound to the size of a orbiting body, so all objects in the field are technically moons.


Mutraad is populated by at least 6 intelligent races that speak at least two languages.

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