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Muculox to Ilana in The Demon Within @ 15:37

Muculox is the tenth Mutraddi sent to earth by General Modula in The Demon Within.


Muculox is slightly larger than a human and the only Mutraddi beast not to engage Titan in combat. It first appears in the episode The Demon Within and is assumed to be a male. Muculox caused much havoc and pandemonium in this episode nearly causing Ilana to be killed. Since he is sentient and possesses cohesive speech and piloting abilities he seems to be more of a Mutradii bounty hunter than a mindless beast. He stated he has done this before supporting that he is a special bounty hunter.

Muculox was originally ordered was to kill Ilana but instead he manages to almost convert her into one of his own species, most likely increasing his reward from Modula. When Muculox fails to fully control Ilana he races to his ship that can act like a submarine and space ship. As Muculox tries to fly away with Ilana, however Lance then leaps on top of the ship and strikes Muculox in the chest with his spear, killing him for real and good. Shortly after his demise, Ilana soon returns to her normal self.


He is light green, with four eyes located along his bottom jaw, and has six limbs; two smaller upper arms, two larger lower arms connected by light webbing and two legs and has transparent skin on his chest and head.


Muculox is a manipulative character that uses his cunning to outsmart his enemies and turn them into his own pawns.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Muculox is capable of reviving himself after being defeated and he can even speak. Proportionally, he is very strong, capable of kicking the Manus armor a significant distance. When he came to Earth, his ship landed in a swamp, and he engaged Lance, Ilana and Octus when they came to investigate. After being electrocuted by Octus under water he is apparently killed and thrown on shore. While discussing what to do with the beast, Muculox revives and wraps his projectile tongue, around Ilana's ankle, giving her a topical venom burn before fleeing into the swamp. This venom burn slowly infects her and begins to replace her DNA with that of Muculox's, making her stronger and more nimble, as well as altering her appearance.

Mutant Crocodile in The Demon Within

Mutant Crocodile, a creature Muculox mutated

Midway through her transformation, Ilana encounters a dead alligator that shows some of the same transformation signs as she has: webbed hands, and light greenish skin, and two eyes on its bottom jaw in addition to its own eyes (clearly another victim of Muculox). The mutant alligator also revives from its deceased state and attacks Ilana. She manages to survive being bitten by the giant creature with little to no injury, and the beast is killed when Ilana snaps the mutant gator's jaw. By this point, Ilana is fully transformed and Muculox approaches her and emits a call from his vocal sac, gaining control over her mind. This call was also used to summon his ship from where it rested at the bottom of the swamp, so he could take Ilana back to Mutradd and gain an even greater reward for bringing her in alive, but before they could leave, Lance kills Muculox by using the Manus armor to leap up to the escaping ship and stab a trident through Muculox's chest, piercing its heart. When Muculox dies, the ship crashes and the psychic link between Ilana and Muculox is severed, Ilana goes into cardiac arrest for a period of time, but then her mutated heart restarts, and since the link is severed, she reverts back to her humanoid form.


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