Mike Chan's girlfriend's name pretty much explains who she is. She first appears in the episode Roar of the White Dragon. She doesn't appear to talk much and seems to mostly just start her boyfriend's (Mike Chan) races.


Mike Chan's girlfriend's is first seen in Roar of the White Dragon when Mike Chan pulls up to Sherman High School, she is always seen with Mike Chan and his car. She is later seen at the underground race location as the race start for Mike Chan and Lance's race. It is unknown what happens to her when Mike Chan is arrested by Detective Blutowski.


Mike Chan's girlfriend's is a tall slender Asian women with long black hair. She wears a short shirt and "short-shorts", even to the places that have a strict dress code like Sherman High School.




Mike ChanEdit

Mike Chan is her boyfriend, however, the depth of their relationship is unknown.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



  • She acts as the race starter between Lance and Mike Chan, similar to other female roles in the Fast & Furious series.

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