Quote1Did I say you could touch my car? No one touches' my car.Quote2
Mike Chan to Lance in Roar of the White Dragon @ 2:32

Mike Chan (or Chan) is the leader of the gang The White Dragon, which is a group of illegal race car drivers that have been wanted by the cops. He appears to be Asian and his name implies that too. He has a girlfriend who is also Asian. He first appears in the episode Roar of the White Dragon. Evidently seen, Chan is very protective of his car, saying to Lance when he tries to touch it "No one touches my car." Throughout the episode, Chan and Lance build a rivalry against each other. When Lance gets his new car, he challenges him to a race. He wins the race by setting him up various times. At the end of the episode, Chan gets arrested for his illegal race car driving.

Mike Chan is a jerkish Asian American teenage troublemaker known as "The White Dragon." He owns a purplish-pink car with a white dragon painted on the sides. The police have been tried to arrest him many times to no avail. While Lance, Ilana, and "Dad" were driving to Sherman High, Mike zoomed by with the police and Detective Blutosky on his heels. Ilana criticized his behavior, Octus observed how powerful Mike's car is, and Lance approved. As an escape, Mike rammed someone's car off the road, causing the detective and the cops to swerve and crash.

At school, after Ilana runs off to class, Lance and Newton observe Mike pulling into the parking lot. Both Lance and Newton are impressed and excited by the car, but Mike argues with Lance over his looking at the car. Lance is saved by the bell. As Mike leaves, Newton (now dubbed "Soccer Mom" by Mike), observes that Mike has extremely high testosterone levels. Later, Mike comes up to Lance at lunch and smashes the Popsicle stick car Lance and Newton were working on. Lance and Mike begin to fight, but Ilana breaks them up, saying fighting is not allowed. Later, Octus and Lance obtain the car that Mike destroyed and fix it in the garage.

As Octus goes to eat Popsicles, Lance takes the car for a test drive despite Ilana telling him earlier he needed a driver's license. On the road, Mike challenges Lance to a street race, where he cheats and nearly kills Lance, only to drive off and leave Lance in the custody of Detective Blutosky. Ilana bails Lance out, and Lance goes to get a driver's license as Ilana won't have Octus just make him one. During his test, Mike drives up to him and his instructor, and tries to taunt Lance into a race. Then, to add to Lance's stress, The Long Limb monster shows up and starts destroying the highway. During the monster's rampage, Mike drives into a deep hole. When he climbs out, Detective Blutosky helps him out of the hole, and then arrests him. Later after the monster's defeat, Lance drives by and Mike swears revenge, but Detective Blutosky says that it won't be for at least five to ten years.

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