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The Manus

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Manus is Lance's armor which is given to only the best soldiers of the Galalunian Army. Lance activates when he has need of it via his watch. In the episode Shadows of Youth, it is said that Lance's father created the Manus armor. Lance used the Manus armor when he was at the academy with Baron. Manus is also used to create the The Sym-Bionic Titan with Ilana's Corus armor.

Like the Corus and Titan, the Manus is flight capable.

Created for the Galalunian Royal guard, a Manus unit boasts immense strength and durability, not to the same degree as the Titan but impressive all the same. Lance's Manus can easily shatter and tear apart most Earth metals and polymers with casual gestures. Such as in Escape to Sherman High, Lance squashes a tank with a single hand. In the same episode, the Manus is seen withstanding a hail of gunfire from semi automatic weapons and rocket launchers. Also noteworthy, it was able to cleave through body armor with a hand swipe. In the episode Escape from Galaluna, Lance's original armor is confiscated as punishment for disobeying orders and attacking his own commander, but he receives what becomes his current Manus from the king, which may or may not have been specifically made for the Titan.

The Manus is clearly a highly adaptable multi-purpose weapons system: in addition to it's mounted rocket launchers and machine guns, it also possesses canister-housed swords, spears, lances, and other melee weapons, along with bombs. It's flight capability allows it to attack from the air, and is far more maneuverable than conventional aircraft. it's durability allows it to absorb punishing blows, from tank shells and missiles to handswipes, energy blasts, and punches from the Mutraddi to the brutal fusillade of the H.M.E.R.'s hand-mounted rotary cannons, missiles, and beam cannon. However, it's small size (in comparison to the Titan, the Mutraddi, the H.M.E.R., etc,) means that it cannot take down larger opponents solo, unless it gets a lucky hit.

While the Royal guard is shown to be nigh wholly equipped with Manus Units, a jamming field of some sort emplaced by the Mutraddi prevents their use in the Invasion. Due to the all-purpose ability of the Manus, Galaluna lacks other heavy weapons, save some large Tanks: this deficiency meant they were quickly overwhelmed. Likewise, the Mutraddi's control over massive creatures like the Fire Monsters means that lone Manus units cannot engage them and hope to win.


  • Pod missiles: Pods will emerge out of containers from the Manus, functioning as missiles.
  • Gatling Cuffs: Located on the Manus' upper arms, these weapons fire high-caliber rounds,which either ward off large enemies or deal a large amount of damage to other foes.
  • Explosives: These devices are launched from designated areas in the Manus' frame, they function similarly to grenades or shells; depending on the situation.
  • Flight Boosters: Used for flight
  • Smoke Grenade: Small pods will emerge out of containments of the Manus causing smoke to spray out of it and expand, for cover up and escapes.
  • Canister melee weapons: Includes swords, trident, mace, axe (can be charged with electricity and come in different sizes), and etc. an explosive is also seen in "the Phantom Ninja"
  • Spacewalk Mode: Shrinks the unit down to a form-fitting spacesuit suitable for travelling short distances throughout space. Corus shares this feature.


  • It has various weapons including mace, sword, electro spears, but not excluding missiles, machinne guns, and grenades.
  • Manus is the only armor to be said on-screen, as seen in Disenfranchised.
  • As Manus is the body for Titan, his name stems from mantle. The body of Earth.
  • Manus is a masculine first name derived from the Latin meaning "hand" or "fist," and less commonly, "band of men"
  • In TKO: Titanic Kungfubot Offensive, the Corus armor helps Manus in his Super Attack.

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