Lunis Family Breakfast

Lunis Family Having Breakfast

The Lunis Family is the human cover identities for Lance, Ilana, and Octus while hiding on Earth. The family is comprised of four members, two of which are played by Octus back and forth between the settings. 

Lance LunisEdit

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"Lance Lunis" is Lance's cover identity while on Earth. He is the son of Mr. Lunis. His cover is that of a teenager in high school, in spite of past military achievements and arguably fulfilling a Galalunian counterpart of school. He pushes away the social craze, although it often gets him even more attention.

Ilana LunisEdit

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"Ilana Lunis" is Princess Ilana's cover identity while on Earth. She is the daughter of Mr. Lunis. Her cover is that of a teenager attending high school, although no longer having royal status makes social situations awkward for her.

Mr. LunisEdit

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"Mr. Lunis" is one of Octus's cover identities. He does not go by any first name in this disguise. He serves as the father figure, and legal guardian for the group. Although using counterfeit money for their down payment, Octus appears to be sophisticated enough to continue undetected, as it likely continues with other financial obligations such as uilities, food, and Federal taxes.


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"Newton" is one of Octus's cover identities. His last name is not officially established, suggesting he is not part of the primary family unit. Newton exists most likely as a friend between Lance and Ilana to differentiate Octus' school and social roles from everything else. Octus' capabilities extend here as well, hacking the school's enrollment system before moving in.


  • Despite the importance of hiding, both of the Galalunians use their same first names, in which their nominal alias appears to be their last name. It is unknown if this was out of assimilation, or if last names were even used on Galaluna.
    • They retained their first names most likely to keep identities simple for the viewers to remember.
  • Its unknown who is the older sibling between Lance or Ilana.
    • Due to them being in the same grade, and the statistically low probability of a Human woman having two separate births in the same school year, the siblings are either twins, half-siblings, or were adoped (one or both of them).
    • The above might also support the idea of Newton being a Lunis family member.
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