The Long Limb Monster is a Mutraddi creature that was sent by General Modula to Earth to find Ilana, Lance, Octus in Roar of the White Dragon.


The Long Limb Monster appears after Lance is taking his drive licensee test with the Driving Instructor. Its sent through the Rift Gate into the sea (or lake) causing the water to splash everywhere and unto the road where Lance is taking his exam. It causes destruction to most of the city and water splashes on the skyscrapers, however, Lance finishes his driving test and meets up with Ilana and Octus to attack the creature. The trio breaking off two of the Long Limb Monster's limbs and dismembering it. They throw it into the sky and using a laser built into the arm of Titan they blast it into the war leaving the remaining head and leg to be sent to the government to be experimented on and most likely destroyed in the process.

Turns out G3 actually got the remains.


The Long Limb Monster is a very tall, light brown Mutraddi with long arms and legs. In between it's arms is a fish net made-up of some kind of organic material.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Long Limb Monster has no specific abilities however using it's large arm and legs it has the power to create tsunami's of either earth or water simply by slamming its fists or legs.



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