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This is a list of Sym-Bionic Titan episodes.


Season 1[]

Title card Title Prod. code Airdate Viewers
(in millions)
Ilana, Lance and Octus talk about the different sub classess in Escape to Sherman High.png "Escape To Sherman High" 102 Sept. 17, 2010 1.738
Lance, Ilana and Octus crash land on an unknown planet. Unsure of what to do the three try to blend in to Earth society, however, a new threat emerges and they must protect their new home.
Lance telling Ilana she needs to stay safe in Neighbors in Disguise.png "Neighbors in Disguise" 102 Sept. 24, 2010 1.540
Ilana goes to the furniture store on the suggestion of their new neighbour Barbara. Lance follows Ilana and over reacts causing a series of problems.
Breezy and Elephenty in Elephant Logic.png "Elephant Logic" 103 Oct. 1, 2010 N/A
The army picks up an unknown substance from the ocean and start experimenting on it while Lance & Ilana struggle to work as a team while piloting Titian, Octus attempts to solve the problem.
Lance as the Phantom Ninja in The Phantom Ninja 02.png
"The Phantom Ninja" 104 Oct. 8, 2010 1.319
Lance becomes bored of his new life on Earth and tries to remedy the situation, mean while a new Mutraddi is searching for Ilana.
Mike Chan and Lance neck-and-neck during the race in Roar of the White Dragon.png
"Roar of the White Dragon" 105 Oct. 15, 2010 1.859
Lance & Octus are mesmerized by Mike Chan's car and attempt to build their own. One thing leads to another and Lance is street racing and another Mutraddi attacks all thise while Ilana is try to enforce the idea of rules.
"Shaman of Fear" 106 Oct. 22, 2010 1.594
Ilana & Lance suffer from excruciating nightmares while caused from a shaman-like Mutraddi. They face and overcome their fears to beat him and both Ilana and Lance have a new outlook at their mission on Earth afterwards.
Blob Monster in Showdown at Sherman High 01.png "Showdown at Sherman High" 107 Oct. 29, 2010 1.594
Using Titan, the group defeats a Mutraddi blob monster. While G3 cleans up the mess a small piece is left behind and the monster reassembles itself. It's up to Ilana, Lance & Octus to protect Sherman High from the monster.
Little Lance in Shadows of Youth 01.png
"Shadows of Youth" 108 Nov. 5, 2010 1.917
A brief history of Lance and what happen to hime and his father. Lance is bullied at the Combat Academy by a boy name Baron and he fights to become the number one cadets.
Tashy.jpg "Tashy 497" 109 Nov. 12, 2010 1.577
Lance, Ilana & Octus find a cute Mutraddi monster that they name Tashy 497. Tashy 497 becomes their pet but he is more then he seems.
Kimmy Mysner in Lessons in Love 01.png "Lessons in Love" 110 Nov. 19, 2010 1.671
Kimmy Mysner, the cheer squad captain is failing her math class and demands the help of Newton in order to pass the class. Sparks fly between them and Ilana & Lance wonder if Newton can feel love.
Ilana and Lance seeing G3's intelligence in The Fortress of Deception.png "The Fortress of Deception" 111 Dec. 3, 2010 1.619
Ilana, Lance and Octus return home and are gretted by Solomon. Ilana & Lance are captured and are taken to the G3 base, some questions will be answer and more questions will be asked.
Phantom Chameleon Monster in The Ballad of Scary Mary 01.png "Ballad of Scary Mary" 112 Feb. 2, 2011 N/A
Kimmy invites Newton, Lance & Ilana to the Scary Marry party, a girl who was humiliated by fellow classmates 50 years ago. They say the ghost of Marry lives on in the woods but that's not the only thing that lives in the woods.
Ilana transformed by Muculox in The Demon Within.png "The Demon Within" 113 Feb. 9, 2011 N/A
The trio investigate a crashed Mutraddi ship in a harsh swamp environment, nothing is found but they feel something is watching. Things take a turn for the worst for Ilana.
Octus looking at Paris in I Am Octus.png "I Am Octus" 114 Feb. 16, 2011 N/A
A strange phenomenon starts in Paris and Octus is tasked to investigate since his "robot" body is not effected, disgruntled he quickly learns the entire world has stopped and that he is alone. Octus learns how to revert the phenomenon but also learns something about himself.
Disenfranchised (Band) in Disenfranchised.png "Disenfranchised" 115 Mar. 2, 2011 N/A
Lance is still having trouble fitting in with his new docile school life but music might be his escape. He joins a band and the school quickly rally around him, however, Julius Steel and his army is also closing in.
Galalunian Commander 06.png "Escape From Galaluna" 116 Mar. 9, 2011 N/A
A prelude to the events leading-up to Escape To Sherman High, why were these three seemingly different individuals brought together to one day reunite Galaluna? What caused the downfall of Galaluna? These and many more questions are answered.
Under The Three Moons group photo 06.png "Under the Three Moons" 117 Mar. 16, 2011 N/A
Ilana is feeling very homesick and misses the customs of Galaluna. After seeing a poster for a homecoming dance at Sherman High School she quickly jumps on board and starts planning a traditional Galalunian Harvest Festival, but things never seem to go according to plan.
Lance, Ilana and Octus inside the G3 space station in A Family Crisis.png "A Family Crisis" 118 Mar. 26, 2011 N/A
Another day another mission, Solomon contacts Octus saying he needs help on a space station near Saturn. Only the trio can save him and stop whatever is causing the disaster, but will they suffer a disaster themselves?
Ilana being attacked by the rampaging Mutraddi monster in The Steel Foe.png "The Steel Foe" 119 Apr. 2, 2011 N/A
With the repercussion of the last episode still taking a toll, Ilana and Lance must fight Julius Steel and his army as the Army attempt to take down G3. Meanwhile the Mysterious Figure reveals he knows more then anyone else.
Kimmy getting Newtons text in A New Beginning.png "A New Beginning" 120 Apr. 9, 2011 N/A
The thrilling season conclusion picks-up with the fight between Julius Steel, G3 & Ilana/Lance still raging on. Suddenly three monsters exit the Rift Gate and a temporary truce is held as the lives of Earthlings is more important. Meanwhile an old friend returns, strong and ready to save the day.