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"Lessons in Love" is the tenth episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on november 19, 2010.

Overview Edit

When Kimmy the cheerleader comes over to study, she becomes romantically infatuated with Octus' human student disguise. Meanwhile, Lance and Ilana encounter a manta-like Mutraddi creature that absorbs electrical energy, causing their armor activators/communicators to shut down.


Kimmy, the cheer squad captain, is in jeopardy of getting kicked off the team unless she gets a passing grade on a math exam. But the only way she can pass is to get tutored by Newton. At first, the two meet in a very awkward manner. Kimmy asks Newton  if he can just do the work for her and she can turn it in as her own. He refuses, despite her anger and mention of his ruining of her Cheerleading uniform by accidentally spilling coffee on her, and finally agrees to help her redo it.

When she arrives at the House the Galalunians are living in, Ilana is briefly stunned to see the Cheerleader who tormented and belittled her so vehemently on her doorstep, and she and Lance are confused as to why she is there. Exhasperatedly, Kimmy explains that Newton is helping her with her test, which causes Lance and Ilana to storm out of the house, leaving Newton to deal with Kimmy alone, much to the Robot's terror.

As Newton settles down to try and help Kimmy, Lance and Ilana decide to drive downtown to a place called the Promenade, an area of shops, clubs and restaurants that other kids at school have talked about. Once Ilana manages to drag Lance away from the subject of the Mutraddi, they actually start ot have fun.

Back at the house, Kimmy at first repeats her expectation that Newton will just do the work for her, to which he again refuses. After a few half-hearted attempts to do it herself,  Kimmy tries a variety of tricks and schemes to force Newton to do the work for her, even going so far as to perform a sensual dance routine (the infamous "Booty Quake") to no avail.

Meanwhile, Lance and Ilana's fun at a dance club is interrupted by another Mutraddi, one who has the ability to disable any electronic devices in a certain range...Including the pair's Armor! Helpless as the other humans, the pair flee with the crowds and manage to escape the attack in Lance's car.

Back at the house, Kimy has given up hope: she pours her heart out to Newton, revealing that she believes she has to be a 'ditzy airhead' because of her beauty, and that her popularity, so important to her sense of self-worth, is based on her looks, not on her brains. As she starts to cry, Newton takes sympathy on her, and tells her that she can be whatever she wants to be: her brain is as large as any other human's, and she can have both smarts AND good looks. Kimmy seems to regain confidence, telling him no one has talked to her like that before. Now more determined, Kimmy manages to redo the test on her own, and actually succeed.

Kimmy suddenly finds herself very attracted to Newton, much to the latter's confusion and distress. But just as she moves in to kiss him, Lance and Ilana burst in....and are very confused as to just what was happening. The pair pull Newton into the kitchen and explain what is happening. As Newton adapts their armor to not be affected by the monster, the pair tease him about what he and kimmy were doing. Newton vehemently denies that Kimmy is his girlfriend, but looks uncertain.

Managing to convince Kimmy to leave, she agrees on one condition: that Newton kiss her. Newton's attempt at a quick peck is rebuffed, and Kimmy proceeds to deliver a passionate kiss, one so stunning that Newton apparently short-circuits, his holoprojector going offline for a moment, revealing his robot self.

Sym-Bionic Titan - Space Age Love

Sym-Bionic Titan - Space Age Love

Sym-Bionic Titan - Space Age Love

As Kimmy walks home, lost in her Ipod and the bliss of the evening, the Titan destroys the monster.

The next day at school, kimmy excitedly tells Newton that she passed and is back on the cheer squad. Thanking him with a hug, Lance and Ilana can only watch in disbelief as the pair walk to class holding hands.


  • (Newton accidentally bumps into Kimmy, making coffee fall on her)
  • Kimmy: Ugh, you idiot! Look what you've done!
  • Newton: I'm terribly sorry I-I (Tries to help, but Kimmy slaps his hand away)
  • Kimmy: Why don't you watch where you're going? DORK! (walks away)
  • Newton: Hey...I said I was sorry
  • Ilana: Its not you, its her.
  • Kimmy: You heard me, ONE kiss.
  • Newton: You're Serious?
  • Kimmy: As a heart attack.


  • Ilana is not wearing her wristband until Lance says they need to armor up, but once they're running from the monster it's gone again.
  • When Kimmy is kissing Newton the camera zooms out showing Kimmy's left leg is up, then the camera zooms in showing her lifting it. 
  • During Kimmy's dance, when she was with the lamp, there is a frame where both her legs appear on the wrong side of the lamp. While it is possible for her to have flipped that way and back again, its highly unlikely to do so in between frames.

    The Goofed frame in Kimmy's Lamp Pole dance, and a corrected frame (animated - click image to play)


  • "Booty Jeans" by Arif S. Kinchen
  • "Space Age Love Song" by A Flock of Seagulls
  • A Heavy Metal Song, by Alien Death Hammer


  • This episode is famous for the "Booty Quake" scene, in which Kimmy actually attempts to get Octu's help by doing a seductive dance while "Booty Jeans" plays in the background.
  • This is the second episode where someone mistakes Lance and Ilana for a couple.
  • The band Alien Death Hammer is a reference to Adult Swim's animated band Dethklok.


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