Quote1Octus, why didn't you tell us you had these abilities?Quote2
―Lance to Octus.

Lance is one of the main protagonists in Sym-Bionic Titan. On Galaluna, he was the most talented soldier in his military unit, but also the most rambunctious. With an inherent disregard for authority, Lance was often lost in his own angst and turmoil. Edward, Lance's father, was a top scientist who was ridiculed for his ideas and disappeared through his rift gate invention, after trying it out and never returning. The King of Galaluna chose Lance to be Ilana's protector, who must now work to ensure the safety of the princess.


Early life


A young Lance was left after his father's assumed death.

Lance's life was hard after his father vanished. With no other family to take him in, the King and the then-heroic General Modula made arrangements to send Lance to the Galaluna Military Academy. There, they hoped the boy would become a grand soldier, but more importantly, he would be surrounded by friends.

However Baron constantly bullied Lance, abusing school-wide respect and reputation to debase him. Ultimately, his one friend Arthur abandoned him out of fear. As a result, Lance drove himself to train in order to prove himself and earn some respect. Eventually, he became the youngest student at the time to win the "Medal of Excellence," but it further enraged Baron. On the day Lance was to be awarded his medal, Baron attacked him with laser rifles, attempting to outrightly kill Lance. The fight escalated to both boys using Manus armors and destroying much of the school until Modula disabled them.

In the school's jail, Baron made one last crack to Lance about how he didn't have a father to bail him out like him. The King then bailed Lance out in order for him to spend the summer fixing the damages the fight caused. Here, Lance's personality took a drastic transformation. The happy child he was ceased to be and Lance became a loner and developed a self-loathing complex as he finally accepted that his father was never coming back.

Escape from Galaluna

As an adult, in battle he became as reckless as he was amazing. Suicidal tactics and near-crazy stunts were constant moves he relied on. Because of this, his superiors refused to promote him above a corporal since he could potentially let his subordinate killed, but they recognized that his skill was the best. After some time in the army, Lance and his unit were placed in charge of saving hostages from the Mutraddi on one of Galaluna's moons. Lance disobeyed orders not to engage the enemy and entered the building anyway. Inside he found all the hostages dead and overheard the Mutraddi planning an invasion.

His superior instead blamed him for the hostages' deaths, confiscated his armor and placed him under arrest. Lance pleaded for the King to listen to him, but the King refused to believe him until it was too late. With the invasion, Lance discovered that his superior was a traitor and after a long fencing battle, he killed the traitor and saved the royal family while increasing the strength of the defense. Realizing it was a grave mistake for not listening to Lance in the first place, the King gave Lance a special Manus unit, promoted him to Ilana's protector and sent them to Earth with her.


Lance Panorama1

Lance being presented in class.

Lance's rebellious and troublesome nature often caused him much turmoil back on Galaluna.

Despite this, it is this very personality that almost instantly makes him one of the most popular students at Sherman High School, making cheerleaders and other students love him. Unlike most other students, he doesn't immediately fall to its benefits, and tries to push himself away from them. He becomes confused realizing that despite his efforts, he only continues to rise in the social hierarchy. In a normal situation, Lance is laid back, and not one to openly display his emotions. He does, however, come alive on the battlefield, always thirsting for the victory that will somehow imbue his life with true meaning. Lance shows signs of a self-loathing complex, seeming to stem from the day his father vanished. Even to this day, Lance will still wake up at 2:00 a.m. due to the fact that was the time his father would return from work. Earlier in the series, he is shown to be very paranoid, such as assuming a crying baby or a dog could be considered a threat.

In the episode, Disenfranchised, it is shown that Lance also has some love for music. Being able to play guitar and make it in a band called Disenfranchised. Sadly, he was kicked out of the band. The other main members of the team through that ever since Lance joined, they were attracting the wrong attention for their group due to his popularity in school.

Despite his seemingly lone wolf attitude, he has often been shown to have a brighter mood and there many instances in which he is seen smiling and engaged in a conversation. His most sociable and relaxed moments tend to be with both Octus and Ilana, whom have grown on him and he has thus opened up to both of them.



Lance and Ilana Bonding

Lance and Ilana became good friends during their mission.

Initially, Lance was unsatisfied with his orders to watch over and protect Ilana, but he chose to follow those orders and became extremely overprotective of Ilana. At first the two are subject to bickering with one another, and it has become one of Octus's many duties to break up fights between the two. This makes their relationship practically brother and sister like they pretend to be, although it is more like a sibling rivalry relationship between the two of them. This may be partially due to the fact that the two of them have clashing personalities; Ilana's being more honest and optimistic, while Lance displays more of a trouble-making, rebellious mind. But as time goes they become more understanding of each other and they care for each to the point that they see each other as family. Ilana is also described to be the "heart" of the group, while Lance is described as the "body" of the group. Even though their relationship is suppose to be platonic through out the series there are sometimes subtle teases at Lance and Ilana slowly developing feelings for each other.



Lance filled with unbearable anger.

Octus is like a father figure to Lance and a friend. He and Lance may have more of a father/son relationship due to his presumably deceased father. Octus and Lance tend to have very deep conversations and are both very commutative with one another with advice.

In the episode "A Family Crisis", Lance thinks about the great and not so great moments he's had with Octus, but every bit puts a smile on his face. When finally escaping the creature, Lance is held back and falls to the ground.

Octus jumps to his aid, but is absorbed by the creature. Shocked with such despair, Lance grabs the robotic part of Octus and brings him to be revived. Once Octus can't be revived, Lance is filled with unbearable rage. Later in "A New Beginning" Octus is revived by an unknown benefactor and comes to Lance's and Ilana's side. Lance was almost in disbelief when he first saw Octus, but was happy that he was alive.


Edward is/was Lance's father. Lance loved his father very much and was very upset when he disappeared. He still keeps a framed picture of him and his father hugging.


A Gothic girl that seems to show interest in Lance due to their similar loner personalities, she even went as far as stating they were possibly soul mates (though in a tone that could suggest this was a joke at the time), something he smiles to. Later on in school, he says "hey" to her in the hall, something that seems to make her quite happy. Also in "Under the Three Moons", it is obvious he wants to ask her to the homecoming dance. He is rendered speechless after watching her practicing martial arts, and seemed depressed when she answers 'no' to going to the dance.

Powers and Abilities


Main article: Manus

Lance's armor.

When the situation demands it, Lance has the ability to activate a device on his wrist, which creates a powerful armored exoskeleton called Manus (ironically, this is the Latin term for "hand"). While utilizing the machine, Lance can use a variety of weapons for attack and defense, such as grenades, missiles, chain-swords, and electro-spears.

The Sym-Bionic Titan

Main article: Sym-Bionic Titan (mech)
Sym-bionic-titan-20100830024756753 thumb ign

Lance in the Titan

Lance can combine his powers with those of Ilana and Octus to create a more powerful machine, the Sym-Bionic Titan. However, it takes all three of their cooperation in order for the giant to efficiently work, let alone attack. He is known as the 'body' of the Sym-Bionic Titan.


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