Quote1You know what's funny? I've actually said hi to you before, but you totally blew me off... Yup, pretty much just like that.Quote2
―Kristin to Lance in The Ballad of Scary Mary @ 7:22

Kristin is a goth girl who seems to have an interest in Lance. In other words, she is the first potential love interest of Lance and thinks that they are "soulmates", although this was said in a sarcastic manner. She was first introduced in the episode The Ballad of Scary Mary, where she speaks to Lance briefly.


She appears to be pale with dark purplish black hair, sparkling black eyes with long lashes, and wears purple lipstick. Her usual outfit is a black tee-shirt with long sleeves, a blue denim vest, and a red plaid skirt with ripped grey leggings. In the episode Under the Three Moons, she is wearing a silver blouse with black tight trousers when she is practising martial arts.


Kristen appears to be antisocial as seen by her lack of interest in attending parties and the homecoming dance as well as being shy and soft spoken. She shares the same quiet, mellow voice that Lance does. Despite her overall shy demeanour, she practices and appears to be skilled at martial arts, albeit inferior to Lance's training.



She appears to have a small crush on Lance, jokingly telling him they're "soul mates." Lance apparently didn't acknowledge her at first when she tried talking to him in an off-screen encounter, and though they managed a brief conversation together in The Ballad of Scary Mary, Lance would rush off without a word to her to see Octus and Ilana. However, at the end of the same episode, Lance walks past her in the school hallway, surprising her as he simply greets her with a typical "Hey". During Under the Three Moons, though Lance asked her to the dance, she turned him down. Stating it wasn't her thing.

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She has no powers but she is skilled at martial arts by human standards.

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