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Julius Steel yelling at Ilana & Lance in A New Beginning @ 18:14

General Julius Steel is a high-ranking General in charge of many of the U.S. armed forces. He sees The Sym-Bionic Titan and the monsters it fights as a threat, but he also hates Solomon, possibly due to his position of power and vast resources. He is also Solomon's main rival, due to their competition of dealing with alien threats.


Steel is a tough, rough-and-ready soldier, stubborn, and a stickler for military discipline. He is likely in his 50s or 60s.

However, he is not above doing dangerous things to achieve his goals. For instance, in the episode "Elephant Logic", he uses nuclear lasers to cut open a section of the Mega Beast, despite the scientists telling him how dangerous it was. He thus creates a storm cloud that none of his weapons can stop. Realizing that Titan needs to intervene, he actually seems grateful for it's help...until it crashes into and destroys 1/2 of his base. In A New Beginning, his robot called, H.M.E.R., battle the aliens only to cause more destruction than the aliens do. He disregards the safety of the people, or at the very least his reckless nature causes him to disregard or become oblivious to the possible lives he ends.

Despite many people's support of Titan, Steel continues to see it as a threat that needs to be eliminated. He also wants to destroy G3 and Solomon due to his hatred and rivalry with him.

His anger at and hatred of the Titan could stem from the fact that the people see the Alien robot as the hero instead of himself and his men, stating in "Elephant Logic" that he believes his men to be the real heroes, as they are defending thier country, while no one knows what the Titan wants or where it is from. He also repeatedly states (correctly, it turns out) that the Monsters wouldn't be there at all if the Titan had not led them there.

Despite his very stern and reckless attitude, he is a rather brave man and stared death straight in the face as he willingly stood face to face against the creature even when the H.M.E.R was destroyed and even taunted it to finish him off.


  • He is voiced by John DiMaggio who is best known as Bender from Futurama and Dr. Drakken From Kim Possible, as well as Marcus Fenix from the Gears of War series.
  • His looks, attitude, and actions closely resemble those of General "Thunderbolt" Ross from The Incredible Hulk. Ross, like Steel, is willing to go to any end to achieve his goal, even if it means putting civilians in danger, and sees the "hero" as the real threat instead of the obvious villian.
  • Steel is clearly a member of the "old warrior" soldier type, the kind who relies on bigger and bigger guns to fight his enemies, regardless of cost. He also has an elevated view of his status, often throwing his rank around and making it clear he is in charge.  in the first Episode, his Command tank is a much larger vehicle, compared to the others in his unit, even possessing a separate command chair for him. this is carried on in the HMER, where he is positioned in the center of the command chamber, above the other troops.

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