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Ilana to Lance in The Ballad of Scary Mary @ 04:04

Ilana is a protagonist in Sym-Bionic Titan. She is the daughter of The King and sole heir to the throne on Galaluna. She has always been a symbol of hope and happiness for the citizens of Galaluna--which is the very reason evil forces hunt for her on Earth. Her very existence is enough to rally insurgence against her people’s oppressors, and for that she must be destroyed. Ilana is determined to make the best of her new life and discover all she can about her adopted home. She is not very popular in high school, though.


Shadows of Youth

Illana as a young child.

Ilana is the only child of the King and thus is the sole heir to the Galalunian throne. Given this, her entire life has been spent preparing her to become the ruler of the planet. Despite the seemingly immense stress of such a responsibility, Ilana grew up in a happy environment, which resulted in her happy and bubbly personality.

She was present at Edward's funeral, Lance's father and one of her father's childhood friends, and it was here she first saw Lance. Though she wasn't aware of the dramatic role he would play later on in her life, she was incredibly worried for the boy who had nowhere to go.

Escape From Galaluna

At one point, General Modula led an attack on Galaluna with his Mutraddi forces and her father entrusted Lance to take her away to safety. She was unaware of who the attacker was, but she knew that her planet's forces were losing against him. She desperately tried to convince her father to journey with her, but it was futile.


Ilana's personality is outspoken and earnest, and it made her a hero to her people. Above all, her personality gives her people hope. She believes in following the rules in order to show her potential in leadership.

However, these attributes have placed her on the low rung of the social ladder of earth high school, as her ambitious mindset is considered abnormal to her classmates. Additionally her manner of speech is very high class and somewhat naive, which confuses many around her. Because she is used to being beloved and "getting whatever she wants", she shows jealousy toward people more popular than her, like Lance.

Ilana has a very caring nature as she feels content whenever she sees other people happy.

While on the battlefield, Ilana is described as righteous and tenacious and won’t give up until a wrong is made right. However, this often clashes with Lance as she is not a soldier and not used to battle like he is. Her ideas, which usually involve defense over offense, often contrast with Lance's tactical offensive plans thus causing friction between the two. These usually are the root of the duo's arguments.

As seen in the episode, it also shows that Ilana loves sports. Being on the school soccer team, she tends to play very impressive. Being able to dribble the ball perfectly fine and can even catch the ball between her feet and jump over her opponents to avoid them.



See Also: Lance

Ilana was forced from her homeland of Galaluna against her will, and Lance was chosen as her bodyguard. Lance is extremely overprotective of Ilana. The two often bicker with one another, partially due to their contrasting personalities (comparing Ilana's bubbly, honest nature against Lance's rebellious, trouble-making attitude). Octus is often forced to break the two of them up when the situation demands so. She also seems to be a bit jealous of Lance due to his popularity in high school. But as time goes they become more understanding of each other and they care for each to the point that they see each other as family. Though their relationship is suppose to be platonic, through out the series there are sometimes subtle teases at Lance and Ilana slowly developing feelings for each other.

Ilana is described to be the "heart" of the group, while Lance is described as the "body".


Without a father, Octus is probably the closest thing to a father figure Lance has, and the same could possibly be used for Ilana. Although Ilana's father has only been captured and held hostage, the only father figure she currently has is Octus. Even said by Ilana herself; she sees him as more than just a robot doing his job of protecting her, he feels like a real family member to her.

The King

The king is Ilana's father. She loves her father very much and misses him greatly. Before fleeing from Galaluna, Ilana refused to leave if it meant that her father couldn't come with her, but Ilana eventually decided to go after her father told her she had to in order for Galaluna to have hope.

Ilana's mother

It is unknown what kind of relationship Ilana has/had with her mother because she is never confirmed to be seen or mentioned in the series.


A fellow classmate she met during the Scary Mary party in the Ballad of Scary Mary. Despite his klutzy behavior she seems to enjoy his company as she spent most of her time with him during the party as well as walked with him to class the next day. It is unknown if she is aware of his crush on her, but she see him as a good friend. She even goes with him to the Homecoming Dance, but ended up having to ditch him because she, Lance, and Octus had to fight another creature.

Powers and Abilities


See Also: Corus

When in trouble, Ilana can activate the Corus Armor System, an exoskeleton that gives various skills of manipulating energy, such as lasers, repulsor beams, and electrostatic shields. It is shown that Ilana fights only fairly well while in this armor. Since only being able to shoot lasers and other plasma like attributes, she can have her limits to what she can fight.

The Sym-Bionic Titan

See Also: The Sym-Bionic Titan

When the situation demands it, Ilana can combine her powers with those of Lance and Octus to create a more powerful fighting machine, The Sym-Bionic Titan. She is the 'heart' of the Sym-Bionic Titan.

Combat and Skills

As seen, Ilana is known to have some sense of fighting skills. In episode The Fortress of Deception, she is seen running towards a G3 solider, kneeing him in the stomach, and elbowing him straight into his back; causing him to slam to the ground. Other than some fighting skills, she appears to have a great skill in athletics. Being able to do flips and tumbles throughout the air. This also have some connection to her cheer leading tryouts, being an amazing gymnast. It's also evident that Ilana is clearly very agile since she enjoys playing soccer.


  • Her voice actress, Tara Strong, had previously voiced Bubbles on the Powerpuff Girls in which Genndy Tartakovsky had much involvement in.
  • She is like Princess Verbina from the Samurai Jack episode, "Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess".
    • Both are of royalty who's family and planet have been captured by an evil force.
    • Both accompanied by a male and a robot.
    • They both even share the same voice actress, Tara Strong.
  • Ashi from Samurai Jack Season 5 had an uncanny resemblance to her before changing her hairstyle in the sixth episode.
  • Her hair is similar to that of Pearl from Steven Universe.
  • In the OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes episode, Crossover Nexus, she appeared as one of the Cartoon Network heroes that were summoned and defeated by Strike, the episode's main antagonist. She is later restored by Strike's pen.


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