Quote1I am Octus.Quote2
Octus to himself in I Am Octus @ 21:58
"I Am Octus" is the fourteenth episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on February 16, 2011.

Overview Edit

As the world seems to come to an absolute standstill, Octus remains immune and tries to find the cause for the problem. He is also forced to figure out what exactly he is. Once Octus finds the source, a giant bat Mutraddi that uses radio waves to stop all organic beings from moving, he attacks it, freeing Lance and Ilana. Now free, they form Sym-Bionic Titan with Octus and easily destroy the beast.


Octus trying to express his feelings for a picture in I Am Octus

Octus trying to express his feelings for a picture in I Am Octus

Lance, Ilana, and Octus examines a museum exhibit in France. Lance and Ilana see a painting full of lines, curves, and color in their own way, and try to relate this to Octus, but it doesn't work out, because Lance and Ilana come to the fact that Octus is a ROBOT. However, this greatly hurts his feelings. Later, they ride a bus, whereas Octus is still hurt and angry. During this, however, they notice that strange occurrences in France happened (meaning all of Paris got affected by a signal to freeze all life). Lance and Ilana convince Octus to check it out, as they state that if they attempt to see the case, it might affect them, but not Octus. "OH. SURE. SEND THE ROBOT!" Octus says hurt again from their fact. Later, when Octus was trying to find what was going on, Ilana asks what he sees."A BEAUTIFUL SUNRISE.", Octus says using what Ilana said about the painting earlier with great sarcasm.

Quote1[Saracasm] The colors make me feel warm and hopeful!Quote2
Octus to Ilana & Lance in I Am Octus @ 05:11

However, a minute later he sees the situation.

All of Paris has came to a still, as Octus examines the area, seeing that everyone around the area (including the G3 team from earlier) has froze and won't move. However, when he tries to tell Lance and Ilana, he doesn't receive a reply. He rushes back to where Lance and Ilana was, to find they have been affected too. He finds out that not only was Paris affected, THE WHOLE WORLD was. Everyone was frozen! Everyone HUMAN, as Octus knows he's a robot, but knows he's much more. Octus attempts a lot of stuff to try to break Lance and Ilana out of their grip (such as simulating electrical activity in their brain, getting Titan to attempt to free them, and attempts to scan them to see anything about their vitals), but fails miserably. He decides to scan around the world to see if anything was the reason. Before long, Octus realizes a Mutraddi creature has created a signal for the cause. Octus tried to disrupt the signal, but once again, fails miserably. After this, he has a breakdown about what he is; A human, robot, both, or NEITHER. After this, the Mutraddi creature enters the earth's atmosphere, and Octus tries to protect Lance and Ilana. Suddenly, when he gets chased to a train express, he gets an idea. A distraction to lure the creature so that Octus can come and jam the creature's signal. This works, and the complete unfrozen trio form Titan to destroy the creature. Later, the three create their own art, with Lance and Ilana creating modern-esque paintings, while Newton simply paints a bowl of fruit. Ilana and Lance, perhaps feeling regret for their earlier insensitivity, try to express deep responses in the same manner as at the museum, but Octus then decides that even though he doesn't see the painting humans do, he sees it his OWN way. Then, Octus decides that he ISN'T a human nor robot, he is something different; "I am OCTUS."


  • When everyone is unable to move except for machines seems to be a homage to the movie Village of the Damned; a sci-fi, horror movie, where any and all organic lifeforms went unconscious when they went into the towns perimeter.
  • When Octus is exploring Paris the French military can be seen using the FAMAS, the official rifle of France since 1981.
  • While Octus is unable to feel emotion in the painting he later uses sarcasm, which signifies Octus does have some emotion.
  • It has been suggested that I Am Octus also resembles the Solitary apocalypse of Richard Matheson’s 1954 sci-fi novel, I Am Legend [1]


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