The Horned Monster is a Mutraddi creature that was sent by General Modula to Earth to find Ilana, Lance, Octus in The Steel Foe


The town of Sherman, Illinois has been the Horned Monster running around the city destroying everything in its past for a couple of weeks. The Army had been trying to contain it but were not able to until Julius Steel unveiled the H.M.E.R. or Homeland Mobile Emergency Robot (pronounced "Hammer").

The Horned Monster attacked the H.M.E.R. as it entered the battle but due to the solid construction of the H.M.E.R. it was unable to do any damage. The H.M.E.R. then used a combination of hand to hand combat, rockets and guns to defeat the monster.


The Horned Monster is a large dark brown Mutraddi that resembles a giant snapping turtle standing on two feet and has three claws on each leg & arm. The Horned Monster has two large horns on its head that allow it to charge an electrical beam.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Horned Monster can use it's two large horns on it's head to charge an electrical beam.

Weaknesses Edit

In the battle against H.M.E.R., the Horned Monster is shown to move notably slow than the rest of its known brethren. This allowed the somewhat equally slow-moving H.M.E.R. to be able to kill the Horned Monster in its first fight.

The Horned Monster's endurance is also not notably high as well. Shown when it get's stunned easily from the H.M.E.R.'s head slam attack, and not being able to react against the giant robot's "Skull Crusher" move.


  • It is suggested that the Horned Monster resembles the Godzilla monster Destroyah

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