High School Heights is a fiction tv show first debuted in Escape to Sherman High.


High School Heights revolves around high school drama in which everyone is involved in a love triangle and many of the characters have secrets. Octus found a TV spot on the Internet and showed it to Lance and Ilana as an example of how Earth teenagers of their age behaved. They used the show as an example on how to blend in with the Earth society. The show airs on the W.C which bares resembles to The CW, another local entertainment channel. High School Heights is the third contact Ilana, Lance and Octus have seen of Earth after the military and parking lot civilian.

The show is not directly mentioned again in the series but in The Ballad of Scary Mary Kimmy Mysner is heard talking to her friends say "Shutup! he can't read! I missed it, my DVR totally took a dump.". This is one of the secrets of the character Andy, however, the time span between Escape to Sherman High and The Ballad of Scary Mary in which both lines are said are far apart and make it unlikely it is the same new show airing. Octus might have intercepted a early broadcast of the show before the general public saw it or Kimmy is watching reruns of the show.


Portrait Name Description
High School Heights - Todd Todd Todd is in love with Janet.
High School Heights - Janet Janet Janet is dating Todd but has the hots for Joey.
High School Heights - Joey Joey Joey is desired by many girls.
High School Heights - Andy Andy Andy is secretly illiterate yet has made it into High School with out anyone but his girlfriend knowing about it. The TV actor that plays Andy on the show, is voiced by Tim Russ.
High School Heights - Andy's Girl Andy's Girl Andy's Girl is the only one who knows Andy's secret.

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