Quote1We gotch you [hahaha]Quote2
Greg to Mary in The Ballad of Scary Mary @ 01:40

Greg was a Sherman High School student back in 1957 and pranked Mary in The Ballad of Scary Mary.


Greg was a Sherman High School student back in 1957 and was part of the then "IN" crowd. Greg sets up Mary in the prank which involves him taking her to "prom". When he picks-up Mary the drive to the old abandoned barn and tells Mary to hurry up. When Mary enters the barn they cover her in mud and coated in a layer of feathers. Mary runs out of the barn crying for being humiliated which sends her missing until the present day.


Greg is a tall skinny man most likely 17 ~ 18 years old who has dark, slick back hair which he combs like the Fonzie.


Greg is kind of a jerk as he enjoyed humiliating Mary. You could also say he is a shallow person for not liking Mary for her appearance.



Mary is the girl that Greg pranks at the "prom".

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Greg's CarEdit

He drives a car that is similar to a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible which may be in need of repair as Mary crawls out the driver side door from the passenger seat. Greg does turn off the headlights, but when Mary climbs out the rear lights are still on (this is long before the advent of delay lights).


  • Greg's car resembles a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Convertible

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