Quote1I want you to go find out what is going on, [long pause] and kill them all.Quote2
General Modula to Xeexi in The Phantom Ninja @ 04:42

General Modula (simply known as Modula) is the primary antagonist in Sym-Bionic Titan. He was once the General of the planet Galaluna, and a dear friend to the king. But during a battle at an enemy planet Muttrad, the army and the king barely made it out alive, but unfortunatly left Modula alive, then Modula changed and lead the Muttraddi to invade Galaluna to take revenge. Now he was after the princess of Galaluna, Ilana so he can fully rule Galaluna.

He was voiced by Don Leslie.


He was once a good friend of The King and a great hero. General Modula commanded the armies of Galaluna through some of their fiercest battles and always emerged victorious, however, he was believed to have been killed during a Battle on Mutradd, which the King barely escaped himself. General Modula was alive and revealed that the King left him behind and was forced to reason with the Mutraddi race and thus gaining control of it.

General Modula returned to Galaluna and starts his coup d'etat. The Modula Occupation is the current controlling body of Galaluna after the successful coup d'etat by General Modula and other high ranking military officers, the new government still has no official name.


Modula is a tall man that has a large white beard and a mysterious hat with an eye on it, which covers his own eyes. He also wears a military uniform similar to the Confederate Army during the American Civil War. On top of his uniform is a large, lavish coat that flows in the wind and during combat. He also has large black boots that nearly come-up to his knees with Spurs.


General Modula is a warmonger and dictator of the worst kind. His paranoia won’t rest until Ilana's life is extinguished; as long as she lives, the people of Galaluna will still have hope, and continue their revolt. In spite of this Modula appears very calm and in control, rarely raising his voice or showing any other emotions besides subtle anger. In fact he manages to do almost all his actions with only subtle movements.


The KingEdit

The King is an old friend of Modula but after he was left behind at the Battle on Mutradd, Modula swore he would have revenge. Modula now keeps The King chained at the destroyed Galaluna palace.


Along with The King, Edward is also an old friend of Modula. Not much is known about their relationship, but their friendship is strong as Modula attended Edwards funeral.


The Mutraddi are Modula's personal army, after "being left behind" at the Battle on Mutradd, Modula had to reason with the beasts. He is the one that organized the Coup d'état of Galaluna.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

While he relies on brutish monsters to fight his major battles, he is not afraid to get his hands dirty when necessary. When the royal guard resistance tried to take him down he easily beat them all and despite his apparent age he is incredibly agile to the point of supernatural. He also possesses superhuman strength since he easily crushes a Gatling energy gun with his fist. Back when Lance was still a child he was skilled enough to shut off two active Manus armors in Shadows of Youth with nothing but his bare hands.

The oversize hat he wears possesses a green eye on the top that allows him to communicate with his Mutraddi beasts and project green energy blasts.


  • An ongoing rumor is that Modula is in fact being controlled by a Mutraddi creature, which explains his oversize hat (which has its own laser-shooting eye) and the fact that the audience never sees his eyes except for in flash backs which date back before he first met the Mutraddi, although it will never be known due to the series cancellation.
  • Modula resembles movie actor George C. Scott
  • Modula's hemet/hat slightly resembles a Shako, a type of real-life headgear popular among armies of the Napoleonic era, which Galaluna draws reference from.
  • Due to the series' cancellation, it is unknown if Lance, Ilana and Octus will ever save Galaluna and defeat Modula.


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