The military of Galaluna and protectors of The Kingdom.

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Galalunian Soldiers consists of The Elite and the Galalunian Royal Guard, with a presumed branch of lower soldiers, to protect the people and Galaunian property. The cadet corps, students of the Galaluna Military Academy, is the first step into this world. Recruits of all different ages 6-18 come together to improve their skills, learn the basics to combat and tactics, and prove themselves with different events and challenges. These challenges include the War Games, where cadets compete to earn merit and prestigious medals, such as the Medal of Courage. The Medal of Courage is the highest honor a cadet may achieve, and only one is given to one cadet every year. Upon graduation at the age of 18, one may enter into the official military, with cadet service possibly allowing entry into the Elite or Royal Guardsmen.

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A service of lower, more basic soldiers presumably exists for the main army of Galaluna and those soldiers not lucky or skilled enough to be put into the two elite branches.

High-ranking members of the Royal Guard and Elite can command squads of the other branch's soldiers, and have uniforms which may have special designs on them, shoulder capes, and exquisite swords. General Modula was perhaps regarded as the most skilled and heroic of these officers, being able to defeat opponents with his bare hands while leading his armies to victory.

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The two elite branches have exclusive access to the Manus Armor operation system, and each member is given a watch with an attached suit to activate it.

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The Elite is the main fighting force for the defense of Galaluna, and hold positions of honor guards for members of the Royal Family, guardians for the palace, and peacekeepers during times of crisis. They wield energy rifles of ceremonial design, and a smaller gun for basic offensive capability, with larger weaponry available from the many armories for more elite Elite soldiers and officers. They also man the large battle tanks which consist the main defensive battery against invading ships and enemy armies. Their uniforms are mainly ceremonial in design and leave little room for functionality in combat roles.

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The Royal Guard are the most advanced, skilled troopers that Galaluna has to offer, and were originally charged with the protection of Galaluna and the Royal Family, though now take on more of a commando role as their members take on missions with their squad, monitor activity through outposts, and lead the fight against the Mutraddi. They have access to almost all the weaponry of Galaluna, Their uniforms have a distinctive red trim, with white base and gold buttons, a better helmet than the Elites do, and are more functional for the wear and tear of combat, only becoming ceremonial during official events and occasions on their homeworld. They currently lead the resistance movement against the tyranny of General Modula and the Mutraddi, though have lost many members, morale being low, and continually having to move their headquarters against the Mutraddi. The most notable Royal Guards are Corporal Lance and Hobbs, Princess Ilana's bodyguard who was severely injured during the beginning stages of the Siege of Galaluna.

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