Quote1Find and destroy The King, this one [Lance] is mine.Quote2
Galalunian Commander to Mutraddi troops in Escape From Galaluna @ 11:16

The Galalunian Commander is an unnamed officer in the Galalunian Royal guard who would defect to the Mutraddi in Escape From Galaluna


First seen in the episode Escape From Galaluna, the commander is leading a team (that includes Lance) on a hostage rescue operation on one of Galaluna's moons. When he orders the team to stand down, Lance confronts him about abandoning the hostages but the officer dismisses him.

Later, upon observing explosions from the facility, the officer and the rest of the team arrive to find Lance in his Manus armor and all the Mutraddi and hostages dead. The officer accuses Lance of disobeying orders and getting the hostages killed and and tells Lance he is going to hang for what he has done. Lance tries to explain that he overheard a message about a Mutraddi invasion and that they are blocking their communications, but the commander ignores Lance's intelligence, causing Lance to punch him in blind fury and lunge at the officer as if to attack him. Lance is quickly detained by other troops and is subsequently placed under arrest.

Back on Galaluna the officer meets The King and lies about Lance murdering the hostages as the latter is led away. Lance shouts to warn The King about the impending Mutraddi invasion, but the officer calls him mad and The King, having become disappointed in Lance's continued failures, agrees with the commander's punishment.

Later once the invasion has begun and Lance manages to escape, the officer reveals that he is working for General Modula along with other officers (unseen). After he sends the Mutraddi beasts to capture and/or kill The King, he engages Lance in a duel, throwing away his own Manus armor which is still functional unlike those of the other guards. The commander believes that killing Lance with it would be "too easy".

He and Lance engage in a running sword fight across Galaluna, as Lance tries to get ahead of the pack of Mutraddi that are after The King. Upon seeing the scale of the devastation from the Mutraddi invasion, Lance calls him out on betraying his planet. The officer says that he serves his "master" in order to gain power and usher Galaluna into a new era of conquest that begins with the death of The King.

The two continue fighting and race across a bridge toward the Royal Palace which the Mutraddi have taken. As they make their way across, a crashing fighter knocks out the bridge supports leaving Lance and the officer alone on a single support. The two resume their duel until Lance loses his sword. The officer moves in for the killing blow but Lance dives under him using a rock to block the officer's sword while plunging his own sword that he had managed to pick up into his chest. The officer, shocked that Lance defeated him tumbles to his death off the bridge.


The Galalunian Commander is a tall slender man with jet black hair and a long well maintained beard. He wears high ranking Galalunian uniforms besides his allegiance to General Modula.


The Galalunian Commander is a patient and clever man who waited for the right moment to turn on The King with the help of Modula. He is also shown to be manipulative as he made up an excuse about Lance killing the hostages to The King, and tricked him into thinking that Lance was insane about the impending invasion.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like Lance, he's a highly skilled martial artist and swordsmanship and possibly other skills. Being commander of the Galalunian military also says a lot about his skills.


  • Corey Burton is the voice actor for the Galalunian Commander and plays many other minor characters on the show.
  • It can speculated by many fans that he may or may not be related to Baron, because The King took both their sides and disagreed with Lance, also because of their dislike towards him.

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