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Galaluna with Moons

Galaluna is the planet Ilana, Lance and Octus are originally from. It is far out into the universe, which explains the use of the Rift Gate. Besides having three moons it appears to be very much like Earth, such as the air they breathe and its inhabitants look identical to humans. Galaluna was once ruled by The King of Galaluna, who is also Ilana's father, but is now currently under the control of General Modula and his army of Mutraddi beasts. The people are resisting, but their efforts aren't working so far.



Main article: The Modula Occupation

With a successful coup, the Mutraddi have gained control of the planet. The current ruler is General Modula. The current administration is primarily concerned with squashing the rebellion and killing Princess Ilana.

The KingdomEdit

Main article: The Kingdom

Ilana's former home on Galaluna.

The previous government was a monarchy ruled by The King. The Government on Galaluna has recently changed.

The ResistanceEdit

Main article: The Resistance

Remnants of the previous government's military, spurred on by news of Modula failure to eliminate Ilana, are fighting to resist the new government.

Physical CharacteristicsEdit

Galaluna is a planet habitable for humanoids, with an atmospheric content that is nearly identical to that of Earth. Its mass is similar too. Unlike Earth, however, the atmosphere has a sea green tint, making both the sky and daytime moons appear greenish. The planet’s rotation is likely close to that of Earth, as the day is seen changing in a realistically short time span, and Ilana and Lance do not complain about any differences while on Earth. No large bodies of water have been yet seen, and from orbit the planet seems to be mostly brown and green.

Galaluna orbits a single sun, but the period of its revolution is not known. The planet goes through seasonal cycles. Its lunar cycle, however, is much longer and more complex due to its three moons. The lunar cycle is likely close in length to an Earth year and is how the people of Galaluna track their personal age.


Galaluna has three moons in orbit. We don't currently know the Galalunian name for each moon. so they are listed by size instead.

The Big OneEdit

The largest of the three, The Big One is dark gray with craters on the surface, and looks much like Earth’s single moon only much larger and closer. It is the likely location of the outpost where the hostage event occurred in preparation for the coupe. It has a breathable atmosphere, and functional gravity.

The Average OneEdit

The middle sized moon, The Average One is a swirl of yellow and pink, looking much like Venus, and is the closest in sized to Earth’s moon at about half the diameter of The Big One. It is not known if its color comes from clouds or if it has atmosphere, but there are no craters visible.

The Small OneEdit

The smallest moon, The Small One is orange-red in color like the planet Mars. It is about one fifth of the diameter of The Big One.

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