The Galactic Guardian Group, also known as G3, is a non-government based security agency that does research on extraterrestrial life forms, and whose goal is to protect the earth from any intergalactic threats. They are the primary Earth-based nemesis of Lance, Ilana, and Octus. In the episode Escape To Sherman High, the Galactic Guardian Group has weapons more advanced compared to those the military uses, such as the Wave Motion Cannon.


In the episode The Fortress of Deception, more is shown about G3. Lance and Ilana are kidnapped and taken to the G3 headquarters, a giant hovercraft. During their time there, the secret G3 has been hiding is revealed: G3 has investigated and monitored every action Titan has done. This secret, coupled along with a quote from when Solomon told Ilana, "You must be an alien, or someone made a huge mistake" shows that G3 isn't just any ordinary organization.

It is unknown whose side they are on, but more secrets are yet to be unveiled. The organization is led by a mysterious cyborg, who calls the shots and gives orders that are carried out via Solomon, the G3 field commander.

After Steel tried to destroy G3 and Titan was revived in the final episode, G3 was forced to go into hiding and has seemingly dropped off the map, as their flying headquarters vanished.


Their level of technology is similar to that of Galaluna. Their main headquarters is a massive airborne vessel in the sky. The technology they utilize include:

  • Advanced weapons like laser rifles, rocket launchers, and guns that materialize restraints.
  • Jetpacks
  • Vans equipped with Galalunian-style hovercraft technology
  • Advanced vehicles such as fighter jets, air transports, mechs, etc.
  • Wave motion cannons
  • Force field technology
  • Holographic screens
  • Space stations


  • No other member of the Galactic Guardian Group has been identified other than Solomon.
  • The name G3 might be a reference to the group "Gutsy Geoid Guard" (later "Gutsy Galaxy Guard") from The King of Braves GaoGaiGar.
  • Their uniforms bear a resemblance to Galalunian Uniforms, particularly the helmets. This is another sign of a Galalunian influence on the organization.
    • The biggest theory about this is that Edward, Lance's missing father, is the secret cyborg leader of G3.
  • The uniforms also take influence from various Japanese superheroes such as Super Sentai (the helmets with the molded mouths) and Kamen Rider (free-flowing scarves.)
  • The Galactic Guardian Group cleans up after every Mutraddi beast attack. They take the remains back to their hovercraft, possibly for examination.
  • The spacesuits seen worn by Solomon and several other G3 personnel in the episode "A Family Crisis" are based on those worn by the crew of the Discovery in 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • The rumor that Edward is the leader of G3, could easily explain how they accessed Galalunian technology; the abandoned facility Octus explored clearly shows that the Flying Station was not G3's first or only facility, and Edward's intellect and skill (having designed the Manus armor, for example) could mean he built the weapons and tech G3 utilizes. It would also explain how Solomon acquired martial arts abilities identical to those of Lance.

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