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FusionFall is an MMORG game on the Cartoonetwork site. The game is free, and is online so you can join the battle and save the Cartoon Network world so they will be at peace again. You can see characters from shows like, Dexter's Labatory, Courage The Cowardly Dog, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, and Sym-Bionic Titan. The game is rated E10+. The cast of Sym-Bionic Titan was located in the park of Pokey Oaks South, but are now in Habitat Homes. Website at


Planet Fusion, ruled by the evil Fuse, has traveled throughout the galaxy for millennia, devastating countless planets and civilizations. Earth is it's next stop. The player joins forces with the characters from various Cartoon Network series to beat this threat.

Beginning ScenesEdit

As of Feb 16, 2011, the beginning scenes have changed. Last year, the player got sent to future when, Dexter's sister DeeDee sent the player into the future. Most of the world is destroyed, leaving only the suburbs, and Tech Square in downtown. The player sees, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben, Numbuhs 1,2, and 5, Dexter, and Samurai Jack battling Fuse's Monsters. Unfortunently, Tech Square was destroyed. The only ones that survive are the player, Numbahs 2 and 5, Buttercup, Mandark, DeeDee, Samurai Jack, Eddy, Computer, the Sym-Bionic Trio and some S.A.C.T. Agents that are trying to fight. The rest are not alive, but due to efforts of the war, they now are. There is now a Titan nano.

Additional InformationEdit

Characters from various original Cartoon Network shows appear in the game, redesigned in an anime style by Foo Midori. In addition, small, miniaturized versions of Cartoon Network characters called Nanos are collected along the way and travel with players, providing powers and abilities to assist during missions. Dexlabs, Dexter's company, is currently making new nanos for Regular Show, and Sym-Bionic.

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