This article is about the first episode. For the episode with a similar name, see Escape from Galaluna. For the titular school, see Sherman High School.

"Escape to Sherman High" is the first episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on September 17, 2010.

Overview Edit

Lance, Ilana, and Octus crash-land on Earth while fleeing the evil General Modula, who has conquered their home world, Galaluna. They try to blend in with Earth society by going to high school at the nearby town of Sherman, Illinois. During their first day at school, Modula sends a fire monster to destroy the princess. While battling the beast, Lance, Ilana, and Octus form "Sym-Bionic Titan" with their robotically enhanced and energized battle-suits and defeat the monster, with some help from the mysterious Solomon.



The spaceship approaches Earth.

The Rift Gate opens up, and a spaceship rockets out of it into Earth. A passing satellite detects the ship, and transmits a warning. The spaceship flies over Sherman, Illinois as the people go by their daily lives.

The spaceship crash-lands on a nearby forest near the town. Lance, wearing a Galalunian combat uniform with a life support helmet, steps out first with a weapon to check for any dangers. Ilana, oblivious to any apparent danger, walks out casually, until Lance slaps his helmet onto her head, still unsure if the planet's air is breathable.


Lance in his life support helmet.

Octus assures them that the air is identical to their home planet. Lance asks Ilana to listen to his advice, explaining the dangers and why he was given the task to protect her, but she dismisses his claims, stating that she knows about his past.

The three are interrupted by army Helicopters searching the forest. the three are caught in a spotlight as Soldiers and tanks start surrounding them. Believing they are Mutraddi, Lance transforms into his Manus form and begins attacking the people, while Octus grabs Ilana and run for a safer area.

Ilana then activates her own armor and slices one of the tanks open, only to discover to her shock that the beings attacking them are humanoid like Lance and herself. Racing back to the combat zone, she stops Lance from further attacking, and the three escape under a smokescreen.

After they escaped from the area, they decide to blend in among the Earthlings to keep Ilana safe. Octus searches the internet to find what teens on Earth do, and finds a TV spot for High School High, which they use as an instruction manual to blend into high school, a 'perfect hiding place'.


Solomon takes the ship.

As the soldiers recover from the attack, General Steel arrives to inspect the area. After a briefing, which the aliens were described as "Giant Metal Men", the Galactic Guardian Group arrives to claim the crashed spacecraft. Solomon, the leader of the group, announces they are taking over the investigation, and leaves with the spacecraft, much to Steel's anger.

The Mutraddi terrorize the King.

The King of Galaluna is chained in front of Mutraddi monsters as Modula reveals himself to him, whom the king previously thought was dead. Modula explains to him that he was behind the attack on Galaluna, and that he is now the ruler. He asks where Ilana is, but the King refuses to answer. Modula is not swayed and, reading his mind, he finds that the King has perfected the Rift gate technology, and has sent his daughter to a far away world. Modula calls upon one of Mutraddi Mega Beasts to go after the girl, and uses the Rift gate to transport him to Earth.

Lance beats up the 'Jocks'.

Lance, Octus, and Ilana disguise themselves as normal teenage students, and head to Sherman High School. Octus, disguised under his alter ego Newton, explains the sects of the school, and that he has enrolled them in the school as siblings under the last name 'Lunis'.

As the three try to blend in, they each make a title in school- Ilana is considered a weird doofus by how she talks and her mismatched clothes, Octus a super nerd because he solved a complex problem with ease, and Lance as the bad boy the girls fall for.

Disappointed by their first day of school, they head for lunch in the cafeteria. Lance sits in a table reserved for the 'jocks' of the school, and pick a fight with Lance. They are no match, as Lance pummels them in front of the other schoolmates, earning him their admiration.
Mutraddi Mega Beast in Escape to Sherman High 03

The Mega Beast comes to life.

The Mutraddi Mega Beast exits out of the Rift Gate, which created another warning. General Steel is the first to detect it, and plots a course for intersection before G3 finds it first.

Meanwhile, at G3, while inspecting the spacecraft, Solomon learns of the incoming object, and sends Team Delta after it.

Lance, Octus, and Ilana watch from their cafeteria TV screens as the falling object crashes, starts a fire, and then takes a life of its own and starts walking towards the city.

Ilana pleads to defend the city, but Lance and Octus recommend against it, warning that exposing their disguises will send even more Mega Beasts to Earth.

After the Mutraddi Mega Beast obliterates large parts of the city and military fighter planes with ease, Ilana decides to transform and go fight it. Lance and Octus have no choice but to follow her.

The Titan fights the Mega Beast.

After seeing the 'Giant Metal Men', Steel orders all weapons to fire upon them and the Mega Beast. Trapped between Steel's ordnance and the Mega Beast's fire attacks, Octus connects himself with Lance and Ilana, combining to form the Sym-Bionic Titan.

People rush outside to see the huge Titan fight the monster, Steel completely bewildered by it. Lance, Ilana, and Octus learn how to control the Titan, and begin fighting the Mega Beast as the crowd cheers on.

The Mega Beast creates a huge wave of heat, which vaporizes the middle of the city. In retaliation, the Titan sends the Mega Beast into the sea, which strips him of his fiery powers. Still not stopped, the monster begins to squeeze the Titan. However, G3 uses its wave-motion cannon on the pair, and, while ineffective as a weapon, it distracts the monster and allows the Titan to cut it to pieces.

With the Mega Beast defeated, the Titan retreats away from the city and the army, who has resumed its attack, as Lance, Octus, and Ilana reflect over what they just did.


The premiere episode was very well received by the press. Variety said "the visual design and action sequences are topnotch", and "better animation than Gigantor and more brains than the Power Rangers."[1] Ology called it "So crazy it might just work."[2]


  • The iTunes and adult swim versions have the scene with the lady screaming at 'Floor Mart' cut out at 6:40.


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