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"Escape from Galaluna" is the sixteenth episode of Sym-Bionic Titan. It debuted on March 9, 2011.

Overview Edit

Another flashback episode showing the invasion of Mutraddi on Galaluna and Ilana, Lance, and Octus's escape. Ilana attends the opening of a school in a tribal region of Galaluna with her guardian, Hobbes. Meanwhile, Lance goes on a mission to rescue hostages from an observatory. His commander tells him to return to his post, but sneaks in to the observatory as the Mudtradi Leader was talking to Modula (unbeknownst to Lance) and Lance was imprisoned for getting the hostages killed (even though they were beforehand). Meanwhile, the King is seen finishing building Octus. The invasion occurs and Hobbes is injured and returns Ilana to the palace with both of them alive, and Lance's commander is revealed to be a traitor for Modula. Lance kills his former commander after a long sword fight and events lead up to how the trio arrived on planet Earth in the first episode.


The events leading up to the trio's departure from Galaluna are recalled.

Another flashback episode showing the invasion of Mutraddi on Galaluna and Ilana, Lance, and Octus's escape.

The story opens on the day of the Mutraddi Invasion.

Ilana is on a good will tour, dedicating a new school with her bodyguard, Hobbs. She’s approached by a little girl who’s lost her pet, and Ilana decides to blow off her schedule to climb down a well and rescue the xeno-kitty.

Meanwhile, on one of Galaluna’s indeterminate number of moons, a hostage situation is playing out. Lance’s squad is keeping watch on it. Lance wants to go in and resolve things, but his commander refuses and tells him to return to his post. Lance goes in anyway, and finds the hostages are already dead. He overhears the “Bandits” (In fact, Mutraddi) discussing plans to invade. Lance's commander leads the troops in, and finds Lance surrounded by dead bodies. He arrests the corporal, blaming him with insubordination which led to the deaths of the hostages.

Back on Galaluna, The King is finishing building Octus and Lance is thrown in the dungeon again. He tries to explain what happened to The King - this is not the first infraction by a long shot - but The King has had enough, and turns his back on Lance.

The invasion starts. Ilana and Hobbs make a desperate race back to the palace while The King fights a futile battle in the ruins. Lance escapes from jail and discovers the invasion is actually a coup by a number of officers, including his commander, who is revealed to be a traitor.

Lance kills his former commander after a running sword fight across Galaluna. Ilana and Hobbes, after their airskiff is shot down and Hobbs is injured, hijack a Mutraddi Tank and shoot their way through the cordon of Mutraddi troops attacking the palace.

just as Ilana and her father enter the palace, they are ambushed by the Mutraddi-only for Lance to swing in and save them.

Lance informs the King about the truth of the attack, and the king sees Lance and Ilana to an escape rocket. After presenting them with Octus, he informs them that he is staying behind to lead his people. Ilana tearfully refuses to leave him, but he forces her to go. He then apologizes to Lance for not believing in him, and presents him with a new Manus control unit.

The two teenagers and the robot board the rocket, and successfully manage to enter the Rift gate, being sent off into the unknown...


  • This is the second episode going into detail about past events prior to the series the first was Shadows of Youth.
  • This episode is a prequel to the pilot episode Escape To Sherman High.
  • This is the first time a character death is ever shown on screen.
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