The Electric Monster is the eighth Mutraddi sent by General Modula to Earth to find Ilana, Lance, and Octus in Lessons in Love.


When the Electric Monster came to Earth it landed in an area in downtown Sherman, Illinois causing a power outage in the area. It then made its way to where Ilana and Lance were having a night on the town. Because the monster's powers also affected their armors they couldn't activate them and fight the monster but Octus solved the problem by adjusting their armors' frequency to match his own internal frequency, which the monster's powers had no effect on.

They then formed Titan and fought the monster and defeated it.


The Electric Monster is a creature whose upper body is shaped like a manta ray and has electrical and electromagnetic powers.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • The Electric Monster can use his powerful tail to launch rocks and other objects off the ground into the air.
  • The Electric Monster then uses the tentacles on top of his head to electrify the objects and launch them at his enemy.


  • The Electric Monster resembles a Manta ray

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