The Electric Entity is an unknown being that appeared in the episode Family Crisis and it is unknown whether it is a Mutraddi or not.


The Electric Entity was first discovered by G3 at a remote space station that probably used to belong to G3 near Saturn. Solomon with team of G3 soldiers were presumably attacked by it sometime while they were in the Station. Solomon the loan survivor could not revive the stations systems and was forced to call Ilana, Lance and Octus for help. The creature is able to drain anything of energy and as a result the drained object becomes "permanently shut down" making it a threat to Earth. The creature was assumed to be destroyed when Lance, in a fit of rage, blew up the space station with the creature in it but, not before Octus was impaled by the creature which absorbed all of his energy and apparently killing him.


The Electric Entity resembles a white cloud surrounded by blue lightning which in turn is surrounded by a blue sparky aura and floats above the ground. When moving the Electric Entity becomes stretched and thin like.





Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Can drain power source of every device, including Octus
  • Once the Electric Entity drains a device the power can not be restored, however, the Mysterious Figure in A New Beginning find an unknown way around this.
  • Produces an indescribable shriek


  • This is one of the only creatures that has appeared in Sym-Bionic Titan in which Octus did not sense a rift gate opening and where no visible connection was given to the Mutraddi and this creature.

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