Quote1You trust me, don't you son?Quote2
Edward to Lance in Shaman of Fear @ 04:33

Edward is Lance's father and one of Galaluna's greatest scientific minds, he disappeared into the Rift Gate during its testing and has been not seen since.



Edward's Memorial

Edward was seen as one of the greatest scientific minds of Galaluna. Having developed the Manus Armor and the Rift Gate, the latter being his final creation. In order to test the Rift Gate, Edward went through it himself, leaving his home planet behind. Following this, a burial was held in his honour, where the King and Modula spoke about their relationship with Edward. He appeared in Shaman Of Fear as a manifestation of Lance's fear. Despite this however, he is presumed to be dead.

There is a theory that Edward may be the Mysterious Figure commanding G3.


Edward is a tall man with Brown semi-long hair and a moustache. He wears small square glasses and sports a white lab coat. He also seems to carry a dark blood-red ascot with a symbol depicting a skull and bones.


Edward was seen as a caring father by his son Lance. The King remarks that Edward had always been independent and was insistent on doing things his own way, which was seen when he "carried his own ski's uphill" despite the freezing temperature and his own entering of the Rift Gate.



Lance is Edward's son. It is apparent that Lance had a very close relationship with his father, waking up at 2:00am every night to talk to his father, taking a portrait of him and his father with him to earth well into his teenage years.


Edward's wife is never mentioned in the series, but her existence is confirmed by Lance's. She is presumably deceased, or has left Edward.

The KingEdit

The King is an old childhood friend of Edward. Before Edward entered the Rift Gate, The King revealed that he made a promise to look out for his son, Lance.

General ModulaEdit

Along with The King, General Modula is also an old friend of Edward.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Recognised as one of the greatest scientific minds Galaluna has ever seen, having developed the Manus Armor and the Rift Gate.

Theory about Edward being the mysterious figureEdit

Edward is suspected to be the mysterious leader of G3 known as the Mysterious Figure, but this has not been officially proven.

  • Edward disappeared through the Rift Gate. The King used a similar device of the same name to send Lance, Ilana, and Octus to Earth. So it is possible that Edward may have come to Earth considering the similarity of the technology.
  • G3 appears to have knowledge of Galaluna. In The Fortress of Deception it is revealed that the Mysterious Figure is actually in control of G3, and not Solomon. This could explain the organisations knowledge of Galalunian technology. This is further proven by the fact that he was able to revive Octus in A New Beginning.
  • Solomon's fighting style is very similar to Lance's. Suggesting that the Mysterious figure may have taught him the same hand to hand combat skills as those taught on Galaluna.
  • The Mysterious Figure shares the same voice actor as Edward.


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